Friday, August 5, 2016

Talika Back Up 3D

Hello lovelies,

another product from TALIKA, it's TALIKA Back Up for the buttocks >.<.


Banish the law of gravity. Vote for the law of attraction !
"Whilst travelling in India, I met an ayurvedic doctor.
The elderly man thought I needed more ‘curves and shape’ and recommended a plant-based ointment containing Guggul.

Guggul is an extract from an indian tree with amazing properties it has been used in ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, particularly to give the frail more ‘body’.
I know just how much women dream of firm, shapely and lifted buttocks.
Attractive curves are a symbol of femininity.
But over time, gravity and the reduction in the skin’s elasticity cause the lower part of the buttocks to sag and the upper part to lose volume.
Based on an ointment prescribed by an elderly Indian man, Talika created the 1st ‘push-up effect’ ultra-serum for the buttocks."
Alexis de Brosses, President 

Absolute femininity thanks to perfect curves that will impress everyone.
Your figure is more slender, enhanced and voluptuous, as if you were weightless standing in high heels!
Replumps and redefines curves.
Lifts, contours and tones while tightening tissues.
Combats excess water and smoothes the appearance of cellulite.

In 4 weeks, 93% satisfaction and 77% of women feel better in their skin*.
• Sculpts: 64%*
• Lifts: 90%*
• Firms: 79%*
• Curves: 50%*

*Consumer test - % satisfaction on expressed opinions - 31 volunteers - 4 weeks
Active storage of triglycerides in the adipocytes of the hypodermis (fat
storage in the skin). Increases volume and plumps.

• NGALAMA BARK (“African Job”)
Widely used in the sub-Saharan pharmacopoeia; it is highly anti-oxidant(
protective), firming and smoothes the skin surface. Fights all signs of
aging. This is one of the best kept secrets of Namibian women.

• OHELIS (rye extract)
Replaces the tension of the dermis by playing with the interaction of
collagen fibroblast fibers and their contractible capacity. It restores the
strength of the skin by ‹lifting› the interior by retracting ‹muscle› fibroblast
fibers. Stretching effect.

Active tonics that stimulate the microcirculation in the fight for water
retention, activate cellular exchange, help to fight cellulite.

How to use it
Apply once or twice a day to the target area and massage in with small circular movements.


Remember that TALIKA has one for the bust? I've made a review as well, do read it HERE.

And, let's get back to our rear side :D

Similar to our bust, the butt need a bit more attention as well as it has volume and need volume to have that oomph. Start from firming the skin and brought back what it has perhaps 'loss' over the years, or after significant weigh loss. The part where the skin is sag can be helped.


The creamy greenish gel looks like Bust Phytoserum, the texture, feeling, even the scent. Kinda similar, which made me rather suspicious whether this is the same thing or not >.<

Anyway,  my butt has that similar tingling refreshing feeling when used, just like on my bust using the bust serum and the formula also not sticky and absorbed rather fast on the skin. Since I gave birth around 3 times and I do have my weights going up and down, the back side does have some marks. I wish they are gone and my skin become soft and super smooth again with no lines.

But I guess, since the product is only so small *travel size, not the full size, I don't think I have the chance to see the full result as well. I wish I can.

What does the effects on me during the week I'm using? The skin become softer and firmer. The lines looks relaxed but definitely still there. The area appear 'bouncier' and during the whole process, it was enjoyable. I don't experience any discomfort from the mildest. No sticky, greasy, allergic reaction nor redness. So far, I think it is among the safest product in the market.


Does it worth trying? Yes it does!

And from my opinion it doesn't just made for the butt, it help to smoother the skin too on the area that has lines. Like the upper thigh.


Thank you TALIKA Indonesia, and you for reading the post. See you again soon!

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