Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Moisture Watery Cream

Hello lovelies,

those who suffer from dry skin like me must have try many brands that helps dealing with the problem. I was always looking for that perfect texture and feeling on the skin and one that doesn't sting.

Some brand claims that when it does sting, it must be working, but I don't really like that sting feeling on my dry skin. Like putting salt on a wound.


Getting one from Althea, this Super Aqua Max from Nature Republic seems promising. It has the color of coral, it's like the 'it' color of 2015, so pretty and adorable at the same time.

The details are written all over the box.


The Aqua Holding System prevents loss of moisture from skin with a moisture film that provides long-lasting moisture pack effect. Ingredients such as water-soluble collagen and lecithin make skin healthy by providing moisture and nourishment to dry skin all at once.

HOW TO USE : At the last step of skin care, apply an appropriate amount to the entire face, and gently pat for absorption.


Look at the list of ingredients, everything is there and the main ingredients is seems to be sea water.


The product itself comes in three variant and mine is the one for dry skin. If you happen to have combination or oily skin type, there's options for you too.


Here's what it's look like. Ohhh, it's calling me by the name. So juicy, fresh, succulent and beautiful at the same time. It had me by hello.


I was of course a bit speculate at first, like would it be too oily, is it made for Korean skin and their dry climate, would I drench in grease?? All of them soon to be answered.

I'm using it for the first time during night. After cleaning the skin, I put on some lotion/toner, serum and then this moisturizer. The aroma is wonderful, dreamy, floral and soft at the same time. And the texture is rich and compelling. When first applied, they feel so silky smooth and filmy, like covering the skin like mask. I thought they will stay like that, like a sleeping mask where I have to keep facing upwards during sleep, but before I know it, around 30 minutes or so, my skin finish drank all those wonderful cream and feels comfortable. It does a bit like sleeping mask but better.


It doesn't leaves any residue on the skin like most 'gel' does, the skin takes everything and feels soft, supple and definitely moist afterwards. I sleep around 8 hours and waking up feeling good about my skin. Bouncy and hydrated. And here's one more good news, I can use it during day time too, it is so comfortable anytime, day or night, or both.

So far, suitable to be used with any other products I have, serums, toner, and other skincare routine like for the eyes.

The product also blends well with liquid makeup used afterwards, creating that soft finish base that made my dry skin appeared healthy with a lovely hints of glow.


Definitely will keep on using the cream.

Thank you so much Althea.

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