Saturday, August 6, 2016

MANHATTAN All in One Lipstick

Hello lovelies,

I love red lipstick, it really transform me, from looking plain and pale, the whole look brightens and sexy in a bright and vivid way possible.

Nothing beats red lips.


A friend of mine bought me these beautiful lippies, and I've reviewed the liquid one HERE and now, it's the lipstick.

  • Built-in Primer-Complex 
  • Colour Protect Technology
  • Intense Colour Impact
  • Longlasting Shine
  • Moisturized Feel
  • Comfortable throughout wear


The lipstick is firm, definitely not in the moist zone, more like pure old time pure pigment lipstick that was solid.

And mine is in Ultimate Cherry.


The color is so bright, so red, so vivid, so pigmented and very much like an ultimate cherry. It has this firm formula yet still glide on the lips just nice and there's no room for error. The color stays for the whole day but wipes off easily during meal, a good cleansing wipes can easily wipes them off.

They stained a bit as well, but stain real good on fabric, hence, keep them off from anything made for clothing as it will leave marks.

I love the product, the color is so good, my mom would love this lipstick as it is her color and it is so her.


Overall, a retro type lipstick that comes with no fuss no frill, real color, real pigment and stays on the lips until being cleanse. It is not waterproof nor matte, it is something in the middle, not very glossy nor moist either, so it's just one of those ordinary lipstick back from the past that enlighten your life with colors.

The brand launches many shades as well for anyone to choose and it is that satisfying.

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