Friday, August 12, 2016

Tony Moly Silky Glaze Shine Hair Mask

Hello lovelies,

bleached and constantly dyed hair definitely become so dry, brittle and coarse. Every time I touches my hair, I feel the dryness, combing them was difficult and I have to do it very gently. Normal conditioner wont work, in fact, they don't really work, it's like helping the hair in the minimum way possible, hence I need help.

I've tried many hair mask in the market and most of them that was sold in the mass produced section doesn't really work.

When I tried Tony Moly Silky Glaze Shine Hair Mask, it surprisingly does.


The product comes in a sachet like this. 

One large sachet where there's a divider, one large and one small.


The details on the product lied behind. There's images on how to use and information in Korean and English.


The details is pretty clear and written as it is below.


The large part contain a shower cap, and the smaller one is where the white creamy product is. It smells so fragrant, flowery and fresh. Really is so good.

The texture of the cream is thick but easily applied on the toweled dry hair right after shampoo.


Since it was a hair mask, I only use the product on the hair, start from the mid part to the ends. I don't let anything from the mask touches the scalp as it wasn't made for the scalp. It can make the scalp oily and very much uncomfortable.


So I let the formula stays on the hair inside the shower cap. The natural steam from the head made the formula works better perhaps, and I leave them on for 20 minutes or so.


While doing so, I also put on some face mask >.< like two things at the same time, it's pampering time.

When the 20 minutes is up, I rinse my hair and felt so amaze with the result. My hair becomes so soft, smooth and silky. Like it felt so good again. I can use the finest comes with the smallest fit and my hair doesn't tangle. I don't see much of a shine, but they surely doesn't tangled anymore. I love the effect and kinda in disbelief. I regret only buying one.

I know that the effect is not forever, but I can use it once or twice a week and enjoy the benefit.



a great hair mask that does the job well. It 'healed' my hair, made them smells super good, doesn't tangle and made me feel like I haven't even bleached and treated the hair poorly.

The effect last for a couple of days, and I can simply use it again for another dose of silky soft hair.

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