Friday, August 5, 2016

TALIKA Slim Serum

Hello lovelies,

some time ago after going to a TALIKA's event, I received this hampers filled with products and travel sizes. Slim Serum is among the products given in travel sizes. Hence the review given here is based on trying the product on that particular size.


Skin is firmer and more toned. Skin is more hydrated. The orange-peel appearance is diminished.

There are many answers to ungainly curves but they don’t increase the chance of results! Even though new cosmetics solutions come on the scene each spring, the results remain barely satisfactory. Responses from specialist institutes are expensive and cosmetic medicine offers invasive techniques that are no risk free.
Slim Serum® is the first slimming concentrate inspired by reconstructive technologies (liposuction and ultrasound). Based on hi-tech active ingredients and plant extracts, Slim Serum® triggers a unique mechanism to transform released fat into cellular energy for a reinforced slimming action. This product also slows down the build up of new fat cells and helps to diminish the “orange-peel effect”.
After using for 6 weeks, the women testify:
“The skin is firmer”: 79%*
“The skin is more toned”: 93%*
“The skin is more hydrated”: 86%*
“There is a less of an ‘orange peel’ look”: 73%*

*Satisfaction test – 23 volunteers – 42 days.
Photo-Beauty Enzyme®: Transforms light energy into cellular energy.

Combinaison de Lauroyl Proline (N-Lauroyl Proline including Lauric Acid) and Sorbitan Laurate: Reduces fat.

Horse Chestnut: Stimulates microcirculation.
How to use it
Apply to the areas to be treated and ensure the product is absorbed by massaging in a circular motion.


This is the small tube which last only around a week when I use the white cream on daily basis at my tummy and thighs. I use around coin size on each areas. Massage them like described in their details, in circular motion, the product easily absorbed on the skin and the feeling is comfortable. No greasy, sticky, nor residue on the skin, just soft and silky.


The black tube is cute and small, the full size is 100 ml and perhaps can last for more than a month.

Upon usage the white lotion has this mild tingling and cooling feeling on the skin. I've tried many products that are similar, it has a burning sensation and really uncomfortable to be used, plus we can't even touch anyone in the house, especially kids since we don't want them getting that burning sensation. But this one is fine and there's no 'burning sensation' or even heat felt.


Since I'm only given a travel size tube, there's no before after images I can share. The only thing that I can witness is the skin on the area applied gradually feel smoother and firmer. The scent also fresh, like almost fresh mint scent but more to the fresh than to the mint.


I would love to try on their full size to see a more significant result in terms of slimming, and of course, since it was made to be used with their slimming light therapy called x-slim, when used together, they'll work even better.

Thank you TALIKA Indonesia.

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