Monday, August 1, 2016

Wardah Intensive Moisturising Body Serum

Hello everybody,

this is Wardah intensive moisturizing body serum, a body lotion from Wardah (an Indonesian local brand) that was made for dry skin.

For normal to dry skin
Skin nourishing solution: improves skin’s elasticity, moisture and suplenness with Macademia and Apricot Oil, Pro Vit.B5, Vitamin E, & Betaine
Serum pelembab dengan Skin Nourishing Solution yang mengandung 50% extra moisturizer*. Diformulasi dengan Macademia dan Apricot Oil serta Pro Vit.B5, Vitamin E, dan Betaine yang memberi kelembapan dan nutrisi lebih pada kulit serta membantu meningkatkan pertahanan kulit (skin barrier). Sangat direkomendasikan untuk kulit kering. Mudah meresap dan tidak lengket. Dengan penggunaan teratur, kulit akan terasa lebih lembap, halus, dan kenyal.
*kadar moisturizer 50% lebih banyak dari Body Moisturizer
Cara pakai: Gunakan ke seluruh tubuh, tangan, dan kaki setelah mandi. Ulangi bila diperlukan.


The product comes in a tube with pretty colors of blue green. The design is simple yet looks luxurious with pearly glow but it was rather thin and easily get wrinkled during shipping.

I don't really have high hopes, perhaps due to the price and some of the ingredients listed, such as mineral oil. But I do heard many good reviews regarding Wardah and how the brand has been sought after as reputable.

Indonesia has recently grown many beauty brands, over the years finally we see hopes and excitements. The types and variety are endless now. Wardah was made with Halal in mind for Moslem women. Doesn't meant that others can't use the products. 


The lotion comes in a white creamy texture and smells like a fresh fruits with floral. A bit like melon. It was unique as I smell many overly sweet scents over the years from local brands, so when one finally gave me options of something that is kind to the nose, I'm exuberant.

Even though the lotion is made for dry skin, the texture is rather light and pleasant. I hate those butters, it made me feel like a toast during breakfast, slathered in butter and none of them really stay on my skin for a good reason, they just made them greasy.

This type of texture is perfect, it is light, can be absorbed by the skin, and still feels moisturizing. I've tried so many body lotions and all of their types over the years and rarely find one that suits my skin, this one does.

It is light but doesn't made my skin feels dry for hours and hours. My skin can still breath while using the product yet still moist.



a wonderful body lotion that offer moisture without the grease and oily nor sticky feeling. Suitable for dry skin. One tips though, I don't mind they increase the price for a better ingredients that wasn't known to be harmful.


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