Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hair Treatment at Hair Lounge by Ryoji Sakate

Hello lovelies,

my hair was dyed around a month ago, since then I have to constantly color my hair since I'm using hair colorant that are not permanent. They are acid and known to made the hair condition better with nutrients and vitamins. However the color only last for around 1-2 weeks.


So, I'm back to Ryoji Sakate and have my hair manicured plus I'm getting a hair treatment too, known to make my super dry hair smooth, shines and so soft.


Using L'Oreal Nuancelle in Purple, the whole process took around 60-90 minutes from washing, application and waiting time plus drying too. The hair treatment only took less than 15 minutes where the product is used less than a minute with a result I love.

It was amazing, like my hair is healthy again. I can't really comb my hair since being bleached, now, I can use the finest brush and no tangle could be found. And the shine? Irresistible.


Do visit the salon for more information, they treatments for the hair and scalp. You can find one you need. Hair treatment can be done once a month and head spa (for the scalp) is around once every two weeks.

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