Monday, August 15, 2016


Hello lovelies,

for someone who love her skin, I always put effort in keeping them healthy, fresh and yes, stay younger. Taking beauty supplements from powders, jelly to tablet form has been one of my daily rituals. As well as keeping a good diet by eating healthy meals and drink plenty of fluids as much as I can.

So when I have the chance to try on Renewskin, of course I try it and consume the tablet on daily basis. I'm in my mid thirties, my skin is not as young as before, taking skin supplements does help aiding when I can't commit to a proper diet or lifestyle.


A bit about Renewskin,
Renewskin is nutrition for healthy skin, a food supplement made by PT. SOHO Industry Pharmacy. One box consist of 30 round shaped tablets, where it was suggested to take twice daily, during morning and night. So a box should last for 2 weeks.

Renewskin contain natural astaxanthin from Fuji Japan. This ingredient alone has been developed to a skincare line also by Fuji Japan. astaxanthin can be found in red shrimps, crab and other life form that has that specific 'redness' which could be a sign of astaxanthin. Many doctors and researchers has found great benefits in consuming astacanthin, including it's medical properties that heals.


Renewskin alone contain many ingredients and focus on the benefit for the skin.  However, the possible side effects of taking Renewskin is rather alarming, from the risk of bleeding (if taken before surgeries), headache, vomiting, and other form of discomfort.

I was having a surgery a month ago, hence I need to give myself some time before finally consuming Renewskin. So it has been almost two months looking at Reneskin in my home without able to try it, so finally, when my doctor said that I'm OK, I'm trying Renewskin.


There's codfish, marine collagen, grape seed, beta carotene, vitamin C, E, Zinc, and many other ingredients alongside astaxanthin. There's also evening primrose oil and green tea. Those are many ingredients we already know are good for our overall health, so the key itself is the composition and astaxanthin itself.

When I swallow the tablet, the 'vanilla' flavor do come rising and I can taste the vanilla, it is definitely a unique side of the product. And since I do have gastric problem and easily irritated tummy, I consume one after a meal and see the effect first, seems like I can only take the tablet once daily and not twice since it gives me acidity. I don't really feel comfortable taking Reneskin twice.

So one box last for a month for me and the effect on me was my overall health. All those vitamin c and zinc help boosting my immune system and selenium helps making my skin stays moist. I rarely get dry patches now too. So it was not just for the face, but my skin all over the body too.



Renewskin with their unique ingredients astaxanthin gives my skin and general health a wonderful benefit. There are many beauty supplements in the market nowadays and this one is focusing on the skin. So if you want your skin to become healthier, moist-er, or perhaps younger as well after taking it in the long term period, do try Renewskin and see the differences in around 1 month.

Do read the precautions and if you happen to have sensitive stomach like mine, try consuming it once daily after a big meal to avoid gastric problem.

Thank you Renewskin Indonesia.

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