Monday, August 15, 2016

Kocostar Flower Mask Sheet

Hello lovelies,

look at these babies from Kocostar. They are masks in a form of flower petals. Mine are in sunflower, rose and tulip.


Kocostar Flower Mask Sheet are face masks that help hydrating the skin (face or body) with a relaxation effect with floral aroma.

Rose, with rose water that help aiding skin structure that are dull and dry.
Tulip, moisten the skin.
Sunflower, rich in antioxidant, preventing dark spots and lines.


I've tried all of them and they are pretty easy to be used. Unlike most face mask where it was just one sheet. This one comes in a many smaller sheets, and we can simply use it on areas that we see fits.

Their sizes also slightly different, adjust on where to put it, like on wide areas such as forehead or cheeks, I'm using the wider ones.


The rose petals has funny shapes, and it is not as vivid ad other form, it was kinda like a bit of abstract. The mask was used like any other mask, on a cleaned skin, and we can simply use toner and serum before putting on the mask. The mask itself does provide moisture effects on the skin, but the scent is pretty mild. I was expecting a burst of roses, but it turns out to be so subtle.


Similar to the roses are the tulips. They come in purple color and very easy to be used as well. But, I don't really felt any differences in terms of effect on my skin, they just moist and so far nothing else. Perhaps they need to be used on daily basis for more than a month.


Inside each container, there's around a dozen petals, but I find them a bit lack in terms of number, since they are not like most face mask that cover the whole face. So it was just the ones that are covered by the petals. But they do look pretty and perfect for instagram posts >.<


Especially when they are used altogether like this.  Flower power mix and match. They look so pretty right, like I was taking a romantic theme mask. Each of them with their own function and benefit creates the perfect harmony for my skin, making them feels soft and moist.


My favorite is of course, the sunflower, they are yellow and bright. Their shapes are so cute and looks good on me.

So there you go, as you can see, they are great for photos and in terms of function, perfect for you who prefer selected areas when using mask. The package itself is not resealable, but you can put them inside a clean closed container if you prefer to use them bits by bits. Pop them inside the fridge so they wont get spoiled and ready to be used when you want them, plus the cooling properties after being chilled is really good too.

These babies are not reusable, so toss them off after each usage. Once open and placed on a closed clean container should be used no longer than 48 hours for hygienic reasons, at least, that's how I do it.



a cute and adorable way to use a mask, masks that made the skin feels hydrated and moist. Easily used and the 'wetness' is just right. The masks can be used on daily basis, even twice a day too.

Thank you Kocostar Indonesia.

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