Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gaylia Kristensen for Raffles Hotel Spa Jakarta

Hello lovelies,

yesterday I received an invitation from Fashion TV for an event at Raffles Hotel Jakarta. Raffles hotel itself is a chain of hotels that stretches worldwide. I personally stayed in one of Raffles's in Singapore and being invited to Raffles Jakarta brings back a lot of good memories.

We're invited to celebrate their new skincare line that will be available at their Spa, exclusively.


Arriving at the hotel, the first person I met is Gaylia herself in the restroom :D and after that, I have a chat with the Head Spa Manager from Raffles Singapore and find out the philisophy and idea behind the brand.


Introducing a range of revolutionary, cosmetic breakthrough products from Australia’s newest, most dynamic skincare company.
State of the art, molecular polypeptide and protein technologies have been combined with natural Australian botanicals to create the most advanced anti-ageing solutions in the world today.
“Australia has the harshest, driest climate in the world and as Australians we need the very best anti-ageing skincare products to combat the effects of our extreme, unforgiving environment. We need the best anti-ageing products on earth. This has inspired us in our quest to create a range of unique, high performance products for the global market.”
The result is a stunning new international collection of exquisite, exceptional products that you will not want to live without.
Products that achieve unparalleled results.



The latest scientific innovations and pure luxury unite to create a dynamic range of contemporary, cutting edge, anti ageing treatment products that are the ultimate in sophistication and performance.
POWER…the power of nature captured
PERFORMANCE…the unparalleled performance of the world’s best Youth Actives
PASSION…sensual products that are a true luxury experience
This is anti-ageing as you have never experienced it before.
Cosmeceuticals have never been so sensual, so luxurious… so exceptional.


Our company believes that scientifically advanced Cosmeceuticals should also be premium, luxury products…the look, the feel, the touch, the smell.
This focus on the true luxury experience makes our products totally unique, totally exceptional.
Exclusive Fragrances have been created especially for these products. These superb, naturally derived Fragrances have been designed and created in Australia to strict European COLIPA standards. They are of an extremely low allergen nature and feature a sensuous blend of Australian tropical fruits, tropical florals, fresh citrus, coconut and vanilla…stunningly delicious.

The brand has won a lot of spa awards and it is famous worldwide.

Ms. Gaylia Kristensen herself told us that she was also taken by surprise how her small boutique in Melbourne, Australia get a lot of raves. She haven't really do much marketing, it was more of words spreads by her customers. I guess great products are made to be found and without even over selling them, they sell for themselves.


There are nine products with unique names such as velvet, heaven, silk, and my favorite, passion.

All of them can be read on their official website.


I tried some of them during the event, the face mist, moisturizer, facial oil, eye gel and everything in between except the scrub aka velvet since there's no water. And they are all feels so good on the skin. The technology behind the making that makes the differences.


New state of the art technology is giving you the power to change the way you visibly age. It has created a new generation of highly Advanced Anti Ageing Youth Actives that will help you stay looking younger for longer without injections or surgery.
It is not possible to stop the clock but new molecular polypeptide and protein technologies now make it possible to look years younger than your age, with regular daily use of our topically applied products that are:
  • Naturally derived
  • Powerful, high performance, cosmetic treatments
  • Give unparalleled results


Natural Molecular Cosmetics is the result of bringing techniques from the pharmaceutical world into the cosmetic field, allowing scientists to create a new source of naturally derived cosmetic actives with well defined structure, purity and efficacy.
These new Pharmaceutial Grade Cosmetic Actives are tailored after molecules found in our own bodies and are designed to reach specific targets to achieve a beautiful, more youthful appearance.
Derived from plant, vegetable and marine extracts, they represent a revolution in what is possible using naturally derived cosmetic ingredients.
The results are exceptional and have not been possible until now.


Exclusive Youth Complexes have been created for each product in this range.
Each Complex is designed to target specific anti-ageing concerns.
Only the world’s best Youth Actives have been used, in the highest concentrations, for optimum performance.
The high concentration levels of our actives have been scientifically proven to achieve dramatic visible results.
Each Youth Complex is combined in a skin rescuing botanical base that helps to repair and rejuvenate the visible appearance of UV or climate damaged skin.

and one more important thing, they all smells so good, except the eye gel, which has no scent whatsoever.

I'll share with you later on what happen during the spa treatment using all the products from Gaylia Kristensen.


See you again soon!!

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