Friday, August 5, 2016

Kate CC Lip Cream

Hello lovelies,

this is a product from Japan, my friend recently went there and gave me some beauty products (hooray!!!) and apparently Kate has a new thing.

We do know CC Cream now, it's been a very famous product, taking that course, Kate launches CC Lip Cream. It's a color corrector for the lips.


The product looks like a lip balm in terms of appearance and looks like it too.

I love Kate's design, they are always seems to be so sleek, stylish and edgy, black with colorful details. Always far from boring. Their ads also always so beautiful.


Since I got mine directly from Japan, all the details are in Japanese, hence their official global website is essential. Here are some of the details.


The product comes in 4 shades and mine is in light pink or known as Pink Trick. 

The product has many function such as:
color corrector, lip gloss, makeup base, moisture enhancer, and even UV Protection.

It can be used as a base for lip color, or as it.


Very comfortable to be used, not sticky whatsoever, it was very silky and watery too.

It is not oily but very much comfortable and pleasant.


My lips were dry and chapped when using the product, in an instant, it turns into so moist and plump. I love the healing properties, it made my lips very much comfortable again and so pretty.


when the lips has become this comfortable and soft again, I can easily use lipstick, or even matte colors without the fear getting flakes or visible dry skin on the lips. The formula is truly perfect as a base or as it is. It's like the perfect lip balm for me that does it all. I toss all my balms, since they are all too balmy and very uncomfortable to be used, like there's this waxy feeling and residue, Kate CC Lip Cream is everything it's not.

The oils are light and watery, the lips feels so slippery and super smooth, no balmy effects whatsoever, no sticky feeling, just comforts all the way from the first application all the way to the ends.

And the light pink color is so adorable, like having a healthy lip color again, so innocent, pure and delicate.


Definitely a product worth having.


Love it to the max!

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