Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Saem Gold Snail Lip Gel Patch

Hello lovelies,

face mask has been part of our routine nowadays, some use it on weekly, bi-weekly or even daily basis. Now, there's a lot of brands that produce lip mask, some works really well and some doesn't.

This one is not really working for me.


Patch Hydrogel yang mengandung sari lendir siput dan emas, melembabkan dan menutrisi bibir dan kulit sekitar mulut yang kering dan kasar sehingga menjadi lembab dan kencang.
- Mengandung sari lendir siput 1%
Melembabkan dan menutrisi bibir dan kulit sekitar mulut yang tipis dan bersel kulit mati
- Mengandung Coloid Gold
Mengencangkan dan menyehatkan bibir dan kulit sekitar mulut yang terlihat berkeriput akibat kering
Tipe : Patch jel tebal yang menempel sempurna

Sari lendir siput
- Menenangkan dan menyegarkan kulit
- Menjaga kelembaban kulit
Coloidal Gold
- Kandungan nutrisinya lebih meresap dalam kulit
- Membantu memurnikan kulit

1. Keluarkan Patch jangan dari bagian ujungnya, tapi pegang di bagian lekukannya.
2. Tempelkan sesuai bentuk bibir lalu diamkan 10~20 menit.
3. Lepaskan Patch lalu tepuk-tepuk sisa essence sampai meresap dalam kulit.
*Berhati-hatilah waktu mengeluarkan supaya Patch tidak robek


The patch doesn't really stick properly on my lips, and the gel is too much like agar than jelly, hence a bit too stiff as a lip mask, or any kind a mask on a not flat surface. It does stick well on the wall thou', but the lips surface is not a wall, it has curves and lines. It should've been better.

And I feel a bit itch on the upper lips upon usage, on that account, I think the product it not suitable for me.


It was hard to keep the patch on it's place. They may look super cute with the pinks and golds, but like said above, the product didn't work on me. I have dry chapped lips, the moisture does come to my lips but it was only for a while and that itchy feeling is not comfortable.

I think I rather use olive oil and sugar to scrub the lips and made them smooth again, and use a honey to create plump effect from the nourishment.


Too bad, I was expecting something more from the product, so far other The Saem products has been so good, I hope they improve the formula and texture of this one.


See you soon on my next post!

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