Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hydrabio Brume Soothing Refreshing Water

Hello everybody,

this is another post I made for Bioderma Hydrabio Brume, a soothing refreshing water that literally can be used for just about anything in my beauty world.


In this post, I'm going to share how Hydrabio Brume become my beauty companion during traveling.

Start as a skincare routine, Hydrabio Brume can be used as a refreshing toner and even help cleans the skin from time to time. It add that fresh touch and moist to my dry skin. Before serum or before moisturizer, as a mixture for a mask, to be used with a sleeping mask, daily hydrating agent when using makeup, made foundation more runny, help eyeshadow sticks before setting, help made the overall makeup and complexion even and natural.


The tiny size made it suitable to the smallest bag and I sprayed it anytime my hair, face and body skin feels taut and dry. During cold climate it helps keeping the skin away from electric stats as well.

It helps moisten up everything it touches even helps the breathing during those really dry air.


Water itself is essential to our life and enjoying the beauty nutrients provided by Hydrabio Brume in the purest way made the skin rejoice even more.

The particles is tiny and easy to be absorb by the skin. Enjoy the instant and long term benefit in using the product. I personally loving it and so does everyone in the family, the kids and babies are enjoying it too. The spray feels comfortable as it soothe the skin within the first touch. Like how we need a breath of fresh air, my skin need the Soothing Refreshing Water.


Thank you Bioderma Indonesia.

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