Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Hello lovelies,

a few days ago I met Vitabiotics team and this time they have a special guess coming from London.

As Vitabiotics is based in UK, most of their research, technologies and activities are from.


Started by a Prof Dr. Kartar Lalvani who happen to be the founder and chairman of Vitabiotics build a pharmaceutical based company.

Vitabiotics has establish to be UK's no 1 brand for supplement and said to be the first that produce a multivitamin supplements.
  • Vitabiotics was founded in 1971 by Dr Kartar Lalvani OBE.
  • The first product launched was Oralcer, the patented and licensed mouth ulcer treatment.
  • Launched Omega-H3 the first true comprehensive multivitamin. Even today it is still the No.1 selling nutritional supplement in many countries around the world.

The presentation done by the President Director is coherent, conclusive and spot on.

It portrays the company philosophies, vision and really in sync with their achievements. From winning the Queen's award to lists of charities and funds made with different companies and country. It cares beneath every other establishment that focusing on money or benefit.


How they choose their brand ambassador, do their ads and commercials are mainly sharing the real results by clinical trials. Genuine and sincere collaborations with the people that we involved. It is a unique company and now they are here in Indonesia.

I asked what are they have in mind for Indonesia? Seems like they already working on something that involves researches around what does Indonesians needs, so they can perhaps be inspired by it and create something that will be a benefit on both hands.


They key element to their success are based on experiences, observations, to meticulous research to cater the needs of different people. Such as multivitamins for different age group shared during the presentation, on infant, babies, kids, teens, women, men, to pregnancy and lactating moms are all different and they do pay attention on that. How they out the right amount of iron and other vitamins or minerals are not as a simple as 1,2,3 but with responsibilities.

I watched their ads during the event, as I'm a huge ads fans, watching them are a pure fun. They made them easy to understand, interesting and related.  What does the men need, what does the women need, and there's more like supplements for hair, skin and nails called Perfectil, or a immune booster called Immunace, to daily supplements such as vitamin C, D, and so on.


Innovation took Vitabiotics to many places including 110 countries all around the word. Keep remembering that the key to Vitabiotics is pharmaceutical.
Vitabiotics nutritional products are produced under stricter pharmaceutial controlled conditions than those officially required for food supplements. Quality is controlled in manufacturing facilities that conform to:
Pharmaceutical GMP – (Good Manufacturing Practice). GMP is concerned with both production and quality control. It ensures that pharmaceuticals are consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use and as required by the product specification. Vitabiotics products are classed as food supplements in the UK but are produced to the quality standards of a pharmaceutical.


And here's me with the President Director directly from UK, Mr. Rohit laxman Shelatkar, a man who share the complete story of Vitabiotics from A and hopefully this is not the Z nor the end. Vitabiotics got a long way to go and will plan more in the future. And the future for Indonesia is here soon.


See you again soon!!

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