Saturday, June 4, 2016

COVERMARK Loose Powder

Hello lovelies,

this is one of COVERMARK Loose Powder. They do have some powders in their brand with different function and effect on the skin, I guess this is the most 'common' or can be used on general basis.


Light fit powder. This powder adds transparency to skin, making pores less visible.

  1. All shades are based on the <Jusme Color> theory and will not affect the shade of <Jusme Color> Essence Foundation
  2. Lightweight.
  3. Creates a fresh-looking, long-lasting clear look.
  4. Pearly powder effectively defuses light, making pores less visible.
  5. Glides smoothly over skin for extremely fine finish.

How to use

After applying foundation, dab an adequate amount of powder onto puff and press lightly onto skin.


The product comes in three items (sold separately), a case, puff, and the powder in a refill container.


After assembling them all together, here's the product on the image below.


The formula feels so soft on the skin, the texture of the powder is fine and lovely, it gives my skin that transparency and lightness it needs. The powder made the foundation sets better and make makeup appear more natural and effortless.

The puff is so soft to the touch. I enjoy the feeling of using the puff and the powder altogether. Just remember to always put them in the correct way and not upside down as the holes are pretty big and the powder can get quite messy.

I can also use my favorite brush to apply the loose powder as a finishing touch.


My skin appears soft, smooth and real. The powder doesn't add any weight, it soften the finish look as well.

The Loose Powder can be used as a touch up from time to time as it help freshen up the skin. During an event, I didn't need to use it frequently, perhaps after around 5-6 hours. So I think it has a good staying power.



A wonderful loose powder that I using on daily basis. For a natural finish I can simply use a BB Cream and the Loose Powder. For a special occasion, I can add liquid foundation, concealer, compact and then add a touch of the Loose Powder as a finishing to soften the complete look. It has a very fine powder and comfortable super soft puff, it may need a brush to help distributing the powder but it all worth it.

Thank you COVERMARK Indonesia for the Loose Powder that I recommend everyone to try. It is definitely a people 'pleaser'.

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