Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Signorina Misteriosa

Hello lovelies,

a new perfume just launched in Indonesia from Salvatore Ferragamo family.

It has that mysterious yet seductive ends.


The contemporary chic silky nuances of orange blossom intertwine with the opulent sensuality of tuberose, casting a subtly seductive spell.

 Signorina Misteriosa completes the collection as the night-time, unpredictable and mysterious flanker of the scent.
The composition is created by perfumers Sophie Labbe and Nicolas Beaulieu. The opening is fresh and bitter with flavors of wild blackberries and neroli. Orange blossom and sensual tuberose contribute to the oriental - fruity character of the scent. Patchouli gives a sophisticated touch, while black vanilla mousse marks the base.
The face of the perfume is model Grace Hartzel. The fragrance is available as Eau de Parfum.


The perfume comes in this cute and pretty packaging, it has that signature of Signorina but it comes in a black unlike its sister whose in subtle pink.

The first scents are pretty much like the shape and design of the container, it's fruity, sweet and delightful. Something that at first glance suitable to be used on an afternoon or a cocktail party.

But after a while, it will become more intense and more seductive. A bit mysterious and I love this part the most, as it lingers and stays and start 'messing' around with our own body temperature and chemistry. This is the part where you know whether the scent is a match for you or not.


As the night come, we want to play a little, perhaps after a day of hard work, we want to have fun a bit more than usual, or maybe after days of deadlines and on my case, being sick, I want to have so much fun having to get those energy back.

The scent then become so beautiful in the end, it was something that I love as well, as it made me smells good too, like the scent I can snug in the whole night.


Definitely a keeper for me, the EDP formula last long but I do re-spray after a few hours just because I miss the sweet delights, and the mid note.

The packaging is definitely a winner for me too since it look so appealing and shows what inside. The black color is spot on as it deepens the meanings when using the product.


I'm the kind of person who loves fresh, fruity and white floral aroma. It's juicy and imagine melon with white lilies. So I thought this one surely not for me, but vanilla made my day night better. Wild blackberry, orange blossom, and patchouli somehow able to lure me in. 

Let's just say, it has it ways.


Stay tune as I vlog about it soon.

Thank you Salvatore Ferragamo Indonesia.

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