Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Hello lovelies,

this is one long overdue post. I received these babies from Kawaii Beauty Japan and has been using them for around 1 year :D

They are the set from Cure. Cure itself is well known for their exfoliating gel, and I think it was kinda the first that made exfoliating gel a 'thing'. It was very famous back then. I've made a review as well.


Seems like the brand are adding new products, such as Bath Salt and Water Treatment.

Bath Salt itself is not really famous in Indonesia, especially since we don't really soak in a tub in daily basis, moreover a lot of people doesn't really have a tub here.

Unlike Japan where seems like every household has a tub and it's common for them.

When I was in Japan, I saw many products in the bath area and they all look so good, comes in many aroma and function. The Bath Salt from cure seems so simple and offer minerals like when we're soaking in an onsen.


It helps soften the skin and relaxes the muscles. The water feels alkaline and comfortable.


The next item is the exfoliating gel itself that uses natural ingredients and said that it would not exfoliate anything but the dead skin cells only.

Take note that nowadays there are many other brands that launches exfoliating gels and not all of them are safe. Choose one that only takes dead skin and it should be so many when done on regular basis.


Cure is one of the brand that I know to be safe.

It doesn't reacted at all when I'm doing it on daily basis, and it should be like that.


The dead skin that comes off after is just like my skin tone and everyone in the family can use the product since it is natural and doesn't hurt.


As seen, there aren't many cells comes out.

There's another brand that I've tried that kept exfoliating and the dead skin cells accumulated is too much. And it will keep on exfoliating if I didn't wash it thoroughly. Do avoid that kind of product.


After using Cure exfoliating gel, the skin feels soft and still moist. That is also a good sign of a good product. It doesn't 'bother' the skin, doesn't cause irritation and/or other problems.


Last but not the last, it is Water Treatment Skin Cream that I really love. It's a milky gel that provide moisture like no other. So refreshing, so pure and comfortable. It has the lightest touch but add hydration to my skin that it made them plump. It is not a solo product, I still need to use serum and moisturizer, so for me it is an addition to my skincare. An addition that I've been looking for.

Since the formula is light and watery, I'm using it before any other skincare that contains oil. Since the water absorbed way faster than the rest.


Thank you so much Kawaii Beauty Japan. It is a nice surprise with these gifts, sorry it took me too long to make the review.


  1. Suka banget dengan Cure ini lhoo ce.. pertama kali pakai langsung jatuh cinta hihihihi..

  2. Masih jadi wishlist ini sampe skrg :'(