Thursday, June 9, 2016

VOV Super Fitting LipQuid

Hello lovelies,

Lately I've been using this liquid lipstick from VOV called LipQuid. It is said to be a supper fitting and has a wonderful pigment.
Lighter than lipstick!
The new-concept liquid lip color fits lightly on the lips.
It expresses smooth lips as the light texture gently settles without leaving a stuffy, sticky and greasy feel.
More Vivid than lipstick!
A single touch expresses a lively color !
It expresses highly pigmented, edgy lips filled with rich color without needing a second application.
More Intricate than lipstick !
A perfect lip design is possible with LG’s patented lip texture brush.
Beginners can apply Lipquid like a makeup artist! It expresses defining clean lip makeup along the lip lines


I happen to have several shades of this lovely product.

The first thing I noticed is they have a unique packaging, it is made to look like a regular lipstick but it is actually a liquid lipstick with an applicator. Well, the applicator itself is pretty common like any other products, at least it is similar.

The shiny stainless like exterior made it possible to use the lipquid when in need. There's a light berry scent of the product, which I love since I'm not really a fan of a scent that was overly sweet like cupcake in a lipstick product, somehow it made me eat less, haha! Using products on the lips that has sweet dessert like smell does reduce the appetite somehow, at least on my case.


On the image above, I'm using one in shade 7, Sweet Rich Pink. Somehow on me, it look a bit like there's a hint of orange, kinda like a mix between red, pink and orange to a coral like shade. The formula is sublime, it still bleed a little after a while but the brilliant color like leather.


Above is me using Cosmo Pink, shade number 8.

The pigment does last really long, it's not really staining the lips but the color stay true as long as I don't eat. It is pretty good and Rp.240.000 really worth the price.

The liquid formula made it easier to apply and coated the lips better than conventional lipstick. It has the tendency to become waxy (common lipstick) and this one doesn't. Like when applying liquid solid paint and it holds better.

I enjoy using the product on daily basis using shades that are like seen when I'm using Cosmo Pink, or when I need a bit more color, I just use shades like number 10, Roco Red. It was superb! (image below)


The color just pop and even thou it seems to be super red here, in real life it was more like fuchsia.

I've shared the full collection on my instagram @Carnellin, there's the swatches of the whole 10 shades, and I just happy to recommend anyone to at least try it once.


Beautiful color, high in pigment, holds firm, and those vinyl like gloss is just super sexy.

Thank you VOV Indonesia, love to see more of your goodies soon.

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