Saturday, June 4, 2016


Hello lovelies,

weeks ago these babies arrived at my home safely. Sisley, a reputable brand with high quality ingredients and luxurious design, has recently launched Sisleya.


Sisle├┐a Global Anti-Age is a complete anti-aging product with spectacular results. Highly effective, it imparts the skin with elements necessary for preserving its youthfulness and beauty, and it reduces the ill-effects hormonal changes can cause to the skin. This skincare product is a powerful regenerative, stimulating, and restructuring cocktail formulated with plant-based extracts (ursolic acid, phytostimulines, shiitake, essential oils...), vitamins, and oligo-elements that are necessary for proper cellular metabolism, skin regeneration, and the promotion of exchanges. The results are exceptional: the product makes a clear impact on the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, leaving the skin appearing more toned, hydrated, and protected against free radicals. Non-comedogenic.


The one sent to me are travel sizes, hence the review are made based on this fact. They last only around 1-2 weeks when used daily. Aside from Sisleya, there are some 'regular' products to complete the routine.


Sisleya collection:
Daily Line Reducer, Day and Night, Eye and Lip Contour Cream, Global Firming Serum, Radiance Anti Aging Concentrate.


Aside from Sisleya,
Cleansing Milk with White Lily (dry/sensitive skin), Floral Toning Lotion (alcohol free, dry/sensitive skin), Ecological Compound Day and Night, All Day All Year Essential Anti Aging Day Care.


And here's my thoughts on each of them:

All Day All Year Essential Anti Aging Day Cream.
White creamy and thick at first but when used with a toner and serum on a cleaned skin it absorbed just nice. It is a perfect barrier for aging skin as it stays like a thin film on the skin, keeping them moist and flexible. There's a subtle herb like scent

Floral Toning Lotion
Oh gosh, it's like a refreshing addition to the set. It made the skin ready for serum thanks to its watery rejuvenation, I love the floral aroma. It soothe, soften and calming too. I'm using a cotton pad with the toner but feel like such as waste when the cotton absorbed the most, a sprayer perhaps works like a charm too. But I can 'compress' my skin by making the cotton pad thin, or use a dried paper mask, soaked it in the toner and let them sit for a while on my skin.

Cleansing Milk with White Lily
It has this milky texture like most cleansing milk in the market, but within seconds, the skin will feel that refreshing cleanliness like no other. Those with dry skin will fell in love instantly with the formula that effectively cleans without drying. I can use a cotton pad and take all impurities. Followed by a toner or foaming facial wash.

Ecological Compound day and night
Made for all skin type, this light milky gel texture with a soft herb like scent surprisingly made the skin so moist despite the lightness. It stays on the skin and then after a while give my skin a silky effect.

Now let's move on to Sisleya which I think has a finer texture and velvety effect on the skin.

Global Firming Serum
Has a nice nude like tone, creamy and light at the same time. Floral herbs aroma and absorbed by the skin almost instantly. Most firming products on the market are heavy, greasy and thick, this one is far from all of that and I love the effect from the first use. I wish I have a full size.

Daily Line Reducer
Also comes in a nude tone color but lighter in texture, gel, and has the same scent as the serum. As a line reducer, I'm using it on the laughing lines and forehead, areas which I think has the most lines. And it is so fresh and light, my skin instantly drank it up faster than the serum above. I'm in love!!! Where have you been all my life? The lines seems more relaxed and the skin appear ... younger.

Radiance Anti-Aging Concentrate
Nude milky color in tone, same like Daily Line Reducer and similar in terms of texture and has a fresher scent. Works like magic. It has the most velvety feeling and made the skin looks like it has a soft focus filter. I have never seen a product being accepted by the skin as efficient, effective and visible as this. Is this some kind of sorcery?!

Eye and Lip Contour Cream
A milky, gel cream white formula with texture like a lotion. Smells more like a herb than floral and slightly richer than the rest. Made for sensitive areas like the eyes and lips where wrinkles are more prone. It is rich but feels good on the skin.


I can't find faults in these products, they are only trials alright but they do amazing job. The formulas are remarkable as they are really took, drank, absorbed by the skin and I can see the results immediately. Each of them has their own effects, from silky smooth skin to velvety and relaxed lines. The only thing that stands between me and Sisley is the price. It was way above luxury skincare and I can now see the reasons why.

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