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Imperial Leather Facial Cleansing Wipes

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Last week bloggers are invited to an event from Imperial Leather. As you can see on their official website
or perhaps checking their social medias at :

Where they are having more and more new items, from their original solid soap bar, liquids, body lotion, body mist that spray beautiful aroma and now, it's a facial cleansing wipes.  These are some of it's benefit shared with us by Imperial Leather:

Membersihkan debu & makeup serta menjaga kelembaban kulit
·  Membersihkan mascara waterproof
·  Teruji secara dermatologis
·  Cocok untuk kulit sensitif
·  Terdiri dari 3 varian sesuai kebutuhan masing-masing jenis kulit
·  Tersedia di Carrefour, Aeon, Superindo, Sukamart, dll
·   Imperial Leather Facial Cleansing Wipes praktis digunakan di mana saja, dibandingkan produk pembersih 2 langkah atau sabun wajah.


During the event Imperial Leather also announcing their recent changes made on their logo.


Introduction to the newest item alongside with Sasya sharing her experience using the facial cleansing wipes.


Since makeup is provided on the table, I get a chance to try on the products as how it cleans all makeup easily.

Many of us loves using makeup on daily basis, yet cleaning it would be something else. A few also becomes so lazy to thoroughly cleaned them and then complains about acne, how their skin get irritated after makeup and so on and all because they didn't properly cleaned their skin.


Now, kiss that lazy moments good bye as Imperial Leather Facial Cleansing Wipes cleanse everything even waterproof makeup.

How about super waterproof makeup that are oil, sebum, and sweat-proof, perhaps it took a bit more time, like when you use it, let it rest on the area a bit longer so the particles break off to then wiped off easily.


There's a makeup class presented during the event at Pastis. We get to clean our skin using the Facial Cleansing Wipes and use it along the way. It also helps removing error by gently pressing on to the skin or area affected,  so it wasn't removed completely (from the base).


Here are the three variants: Refreshing with a soft pink packaging with kiwi and watermelon, Oil Balancing in a soft blue packaging with sea mineral weed and green tea, and Brightening in a soft yellow packaging with chamomile, vitamin B3 and white lily. All contain no alcohol, cleans makeup, skin and doesn't make the skin felt dry afterwards.


Imagine going home, exhausted and you just want to lie down, use these wipes before going into the shower room, where then you can simply use your regular foaming facial wash knowing that the makeup are removed.

Imagine during a photoshoot where you have to use tons of makeup and then feels uncomfortable since the makeups are not yours and with these Facial Cleansing Wipes, you can easily take it off the minute it was over with less mess and no need rushing back home. The Facial Cleansing Wipes cleans and then use a good facial spray to removes the residue before applying skincare and you'll feel fresh again.


I'm using Imperial Leather Facial Cleansing Wipes during video making where I have to change makeup for every episode. When I'm on the site it is not feasible to go back and forth to my home, so the wipes is ready whenever I need it.

Cleaning lipstick is very easy using these wipes. Liquid lipstick that turn matte and waterproof are not oil proof. So when dining, the oils will get onto the lips and making them break, the parts where the lipstick are removed are not evenly distributed, leaving the lips looking so messy. A regular tissue wont clean it and cotton pad only making it worst, the facial cleansing wipes is the solution.

Each pack are filled with 20 sheets and sold around Rp.19.900 which is pretty affordable.

The only improvement that I want from the sheets are softer and had more cotton.


Get yours now and have no more excuse in not getting your face cleaned from makeup.

Thank you Imperial Leather.

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