Saturday, June 4, 2016

Aqua XL Eye Pencil

Hello lovelies,

a few days ago I was invited to an event that celebrate colors and irresistible selections that speaks beyond waterproof.

It's Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil.


This innovative formula offers extra long-last, ultra-pigmented colors and easy application, with an amazingly smooth glide.
The line is super-precise and ultra-resistant, while the creamy texture

blends easily with a brush for a soft, blurry finish. Choose your shade from five XL finishes: matte, satiny, iridescent, metallic or diamond.


When I arrived at the event, arrays of products has been deliberately spread all over the venue and we get to play with them, all 20 shades. I choose some to be used that day, Matte Pastel Purple and Iridescent Pop Purple. It matches my outfit :D

The texture is creamy, soft, smooth and gave us plenty of time to blend before it finally set and stays.


The only fact that I think I dislike is we have to use a sharpener, I wish they come in an automatic form. I often breaks them during sharpening, moreover the texture is soft and creamy. I do recommend chilling it inside the fridge before sharpening.


Aside from the sharpening facts, the eyeliner works like a charm. It has the ability to works as an eyeliner and eyeshadow. Just blend it with fingers or your favorite brush.

As the event has an outdoor location and it is hot plus humid, my greasy eyelids fights and struggle tries to somehow breaks the formula apart. They just doesn't budge. Aqua XL Eye Pencil win against my greasy eyelids where almost no waterproof products can survive. This one does and strive.


As the product comes in 4 finish, you'll be sure to find some of your favorite, I'm keen to try those in diamonds and matte at the same time. While iridescent and satin stayed in between they are also becomes the must have collection, all 20 of them. 


Each of the product sold close to Rp. 400.000.

They are ready to be mixed and matched and in this colorful world. They are called to be an eyeliner but you know you can use it all over your face. Drawings, decorations and marks.


What are you waiting for? Get ready for an Aqua XL Color Festival on your own. Be a trend setter in a middle of a marathon or a foam party. Make your makeup pop and stay all day (and night) long.

And when you're done, clean them with your favorite makeup remover from Make Up For Ever, it's like their magic eraser. Gone with simple swipes.


Thank you Make Up For Ever, see you again soon!

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