Friday, June 10, 2016

Shiseido Sparkling Party Palette

Hello lovelies,

this is Sparkling Party Palette from Shiseido.

Brilliant party makeup that makes you the sparkling center of attention.

A makeup palette of brilliant, luxurious colors creates looks that sparkle with joy and excitement.


Inside the container there's Lip & Cheek Tint, Eye Color Base, 2 Eye Colors, Cream Eyeliner, and a Blush.

Below is the map.


Here's what's inside. Expect a lot of glitters, sparkles and shiny effects, but fret not, it can still goes on daily basis and natural when applied softly.


The first thing I've tried is their lip and cheek product, comes in a fresh watermelon red shade and very easy to be used after the wet base.

I'm using it right after liquid foundation. It blends easily and the balmy like texture spread on the cheeks and lips just nice. It has a thin film feeling and a bit glossy.

I can add as much as I want thanks to its build-able formula.


Move on to the eyes, start with the eye color base that has the colors like white pearls does. It has a creamy texture and help powder eyeshadow used afterwards 'sticks' better.


The first eye color I'm using is the one in yellow tone. I use it a bit as I want them to be a bit more to the natural and suitable for daily look.

You can simply make it extravagant by adding layers, gradation and made them bold.

It's build-able and no fallout.


I add a bit of darker tone in brown to accentuate the eyes. Similar to the yellow, it has no fallout, build-able and pigmented.


The next step would be using a cream eyeliner, which is tricky for me, in sparkling navy blue tone and the tiny applicator doesn't really help. I should've use my own, but I really want to try everything in the container, as it should be perfect for traveling. I guess a 'real' brush is still very much needed.


Since it was cream, it can be easily wiped off or blended. I'm worry about the staying power since I have greasy lids and they doesn't really last when used alone. Primer, a bit of dusting powder is necessary to help them 'set' longer and better too.


And then I add some powder blush, which is the last item I used in this container, it was a lovely fresh soft pink color and I determine to use my own brush now.

And last but not least, I add some finishing powder to set the makeup.


I simply add my fiery lip color for that intense look (image below) or have it more natural like the image above.


The Sparkling Party Palette is a palette can be used daily or add more for dramatization during party. The rich texture and vivid build-able shades are the key in adding layers of colors and pigment. Made them bolder and bolder for an irresistible night out.

Thank you Shiseido Ginza Tokyo for the lovely product. And yes, now Shiseido has added words to their products into Shiseido Ginza Tokyo.

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