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Clinelle Caviar Gold

Hello lovelies,

how are you? I hope you are all well. For these past few weeks I've been using Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Lotion, Eye Serum and Cream. One thing as seen on the image below, the products said to be firming, something that women from around 30 something to perhaps 40 and beyond will look for.


Thanks to Clozette Indonesia, I received this opportunity to try on Clinelle, I've been hearing a lot about them lately from fellow bloggers, their hydration series seems to be a hits. Now, they are ready to share another variant made to tone up the skin.

If you're interested in finding out more do check out Instagram as they really made a lot of information available there.
Instagram for @clinelleid and @clozetteid


Clinelle itself seems to be from Malaysia and Hong Kong (at least started from), you may read about them in and here's some of the information in Bahasa Indonesia:
Tentang Clinelle Caviar Gold:

Mengapa Caviar bagus untuk kulit?
  • Caviar memiliki susunan sel yang menyerupai struktur kulit manusia
  • Ekstrak caviar juga memiliki struktur unik yang dapat mengirimkan nutrisi langsung ke sel kulit
  • Caviar memadatkan kandungan penting dan berharga untuk kulit sehingga menjaga keseimbangan diet kulit.

Synergistic Action of Carefully Calibrated Complexes.
Seri Clinelle Caviar God didukung oleh Triple Gold Lifting and Firming Complex, dengan kandungan mewahnya yang mampu menghasilkan efek jangka panjang pada kulit wajah.

  1. Caviar Extract (derived from Russian Sturgeon) also known as “black Gold”
Ekstrak Caviar (dihasilkan oleh Ikan Sturgeon Rusia) yang dikenal sebagai “Emas Hitam”
Caviarsudah dikenal lama sebagai makanan tertua dan termahal didunia, dimana caviar menjadi makanan yang paling disukai oleh para raja dan bangsawan. Masyarakat Yunani kuno, Romawi, dan Kaisar Rusia pun dikenal sebagai orang-orang yang sangat menyukai caviar. Caviar memiliki susunan sel yang menyerupai kulit manusia dan kaya akan kandungan nutrisi termasuk protein, mineral, vitamin (A, D, E dan K), anti-oksidan dan lipid, yang mengandung limpahan lemak tak jenuh seperti Omega 3. Ekstrak caviar memiliki stuktur unik yang mampu mengirimkan seluruh kandungan nutrisi langsung ke sel kulit dan memberikan diet seimbang untuk kulit. Kandungan terpenting dari ekstrak caviar adalah kemampuannya dalam melawan kerutan, melembapkan, menutrisi dan menjaga kulit dari penuaan dini – dimana seluruh kemampuan yang dimiliki ekstrak caviar dapat membantu menunda proses penuaan.

  1. 24K NanoGold
Generasi terbaru dari Golden-Collagenine yang mampu memberikan efek luar biasa untuk menstimulasi kolagen sintesis hingga 300% sehingga dapat meningkatkan kekenyalan kulit wajah. Mengencangkan dan meratakan warna kulit, membantu mencegah munculnya garis-garis ekspresi dan kerutan.

  1. Plant PhytoGold derived from natural Golden Bell Extract
Tumbuhan PhytoGold yang diperoleh dari ekstrak alami Golden Bell memiliki khasiat tanpa tandingan dalam mencerahkan kulit wajah, digabungkan untuk melengkapi formulasi pengencangan kulit wajah. Terbukti 80x lebih efektif dibandingkan Arbutin dalam mencerahkan dan menyamarkan flek hitam. Langsung menuju akar permasalahan, memperbaiki dan mengurangi perubahan warna kulit wajah dan
flek-flek hitam dengan cara menghambat pembentukkan melanin serta memasukkan sinar dan energi kedalam kulit yang berfungsi untuk mencerahkan dan membuat warna kulit lebih merata.


All the necessary details can also be found in the packaging and bottles. They all look stylish and pretty in gold. Each of the containers are in plastic, it kinda made the product looks inexpensive, and they are not. Each of them are very much affordable.

I listen to some bloggers who said they are not really suitable with the products and labeled as 'too rich' but for me personally, I have no problem in using them all. I've been using it for more than two weeks and haven't experience any discomfort like oily, acne emerging, nor any allergic reaction. Everything was pure pleasure.


The white cream was indeed rich and the creamy gel was slippery.

So does the rest of the product, the eye gel with golden pieces, which we can easily pumped from the container. An eye gel is always preferred since it easily absorb into the skin and doesn't create problems like creamy eye cream do. And a tips from me, do use the firming eye cream on laughing lines too so you can get the firming benefits your skin will love.


Another beautiful thing about the series is their lotion, the liquid itself is quite unique, the texture is like a runny gel, and what excite me the most is that it is filled with gold dust, like the whole product is glistening with gold sprinkle. It's so beautiful to look at and made the skin feels moist.

Use it after cleaning the skin well, by dabbing on a cotton pad or use the hands to pat the skin with it.


Would you like to try?

Clinelle so far have a good reputation in Indonesia and between bloggers too. Their products are available in many beauty stores and comes in promotional price lately. So this is a chance to try on their products. As for the Caviar Gold, on my skin, and where I'm using it lately during traveling in Bangka where I stay on the beach for a really long time everyday. Most of my skin that was exposed including facial are getting tan. As much as I love staying under the sun and getting color on my skin, they are pretty much suffering and getting dry. Using Clineller Caviar Gold diligently for everyday, two times a day, means my skin getting the nutrition and protection it need everyday to heal and be pampered. The skin is loved and protected without getting burnt, dried, nor flaky.

Sunscreen is important, but so does, after sun care, which is for me, Clinelle Caviar Gold.
From the lotion, eye gel, and the cream works hand in hand helping my skin. I do use my own serum since it is not given to me by Clinelle,  but they all works just fine together.


Here are the 7* extra reasons to use Clinelle:
1. Formulasi "7 NOs" pada Clinelle yang tidak menggunakan kandungan berbahaya, yaitu :
• Tanpa pewarna buatan
• Tanpa pewangi buatan
• Tanpa lanolin
• Tanpa minyak mineral
• Tanpa SD-alkohol
• Tanpa kandungan komedogenic
• Tanpa paraben
Clinelle tidak menggunakan kandungan berbahaya yang dapat menyebabkan kulit iritasi, penuaan dini dan menurunnya kesehatan kulit.

2. Keunggulan Clinelle Caviar Gold :
• Diformulasikan dengan Triple Gold Lifting and Firming Complex yang memiliki kandungan mewah yang mampu menghasilkan efek jangka panjang pada kulit wajah: Caviar, 24K Nano Gold dan Phtyo Plant Gold.
• Mengencangkan dan meratakan warna kulit wajah
• Meningkatkan tingkat kelembapan kulit wajah
• Meningkatkan tingkat kekenyalan kulit wajah


Those benefits are surely felt by my skin, even out skin tone, increase moisture and elasticity. I'm 37 years old and it seems like Clinelle Caviar Gold are perfect for my skin condition that was dry and sensitive due to aging.


Thank you so much Clinelle and Clozette Indonesia for the opportunity trying the Caviar Gold series, it was a wonderful chance that my skin appreciate.

These babies are available at stores in these prices:
  1. Caviar Gold Firming Lotion – Rp229.000
  2. Caviar Gold Firming Eye Serum – Rp339.000
  3. Caviar Gold Firming Cream – Rp329.000

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