Wednesday, May 23, 2018

GABY Cosmetics Super Black Liner Stay All Day

Hello lovelies,

looking for a really good eyeliner is like a quest for every makeup lover. All of us been through that time where we look for an eyeliner that didn't lie. Almost every eyeliner in the market claims to be waterproof, smudge proof and stays... most of them are not. In fact, almost 99% of them are not.


Dengan kuas halus dengan ujung setipis 0.1mm ritual membuat garis mata sempurna hingga ke ujung mata. Dengan warna super black mata menjadi tegas dan cantik. Gunakan saat berkeringat, hujan ataupun badai, hasil dari Gaby Eyeliner tidak akan mencoreng di mata, bahkan waktu nangis-nangis saat nonton film drama sekalipun super black eyeliner dari Gaby menjanjikan hasil yang tetap hitam dan tidak smudge 24 jam penuh.

Manfaat Lengkap:
- Super Black Color
- Sekali pulas tahan seharian!
- Water Proof
- Smudge Proof
- Mudah Dibersihkan (No Panda Eyes)

Banyak liquid liner yang memberikan hasil mata panda (bekas gelap) pada area mata setelah dibersihkan, dengan GABY Cosmetics Eyeliner membersihkannya cukup dengan air hangat atau cleansing oil / water, seluruhnya akan terangkat dan tidak berbekas di kelopak mata.


Gaby, is made by this person who claims to be in the same journey as we are, in-spite of just looking around for another failure, this person, for two years, trying to make one that actually works.

The product is like it is, thin brush for a super fine line but the more pressure I put, the thicker line it could be. I was please with the performance since the shiny liner is super black and comfortable to be used. No sting, no smell, no uncomfortable feeling and smooth sailing too. The texture glide on like oil paint brushes filled with colors, only that it's not oily at all.


It perfected my makeup and the best part that, it really comes with a clean finish I've been looking for. No panda eyes, no smudgey eyes, no dark surprises on the corner of the eyes and it is a bit rub proof as long as I don't rub it too much like having an eye infection or something. So it's all good. 

To tell you the truth, I was looking for Stila eyeliner for months now and thinking of getting one soon in the UK, now, as I find Gaby, my interest in that pricey Stila is getting less and lesser, I probably will still get one only to compare it with Gaby.


For now, I'm happy with Gaby, the product performs really well, glide on so smoothly, super black and really stays. I'm using it during an event yesterday and it works like a charm, even on a hot day. No smudges, no panda eyes, no darkness like I haven't slept for days, nothing, it was clean. The eyeliner didn't make any mess for hours and hours and hours. I didn't test it for 24 hours, more like 12 since I already went home and hit the bed.

Cleaning them was easy, I'm using an oil based makeup remover aka cleansing oil and they are gone in an instant and no leftovers. The product cleans like it was a sticker or something without spreading any evil darkness around.

Definitely recommended the product and did you know that it only cost Rp. 99.000 per piece?!

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