Friday, May 11, 2018

MINISO Sakura Bright Cleansing Balm

Hello lovelies,

yes, I know, you must have seen that cleanser has been my forte lately, somehow, when I'm traveling, I remember I need to get some cleanser, like there can't be enough of them heehee. We played with texture, aroma and of course, function, we are still (always) looking for that one cleanser that does all with the lightest texture or feeling possibly.

In Miniso, they have tons of doubt-able beauty product heehee, in terms of lack of details. But so far they are not as doubt-able as Daisho, which most I think not really works (beauty products), some Miniso toiletries are handy plus comes in ingredients that I do enjoy. I do noticed that some of them still contain high in paraben ( preservatives) but compared to mass produced items, they are rather better.

Walking inside Miniso, there's gotta be some stuffs that I immediately put inside my basket, and this cleansing balm is one of them.


It launch during the spring and of course, there's no way Japanese would missed this opportunity and let a sakura blooming season goes by, so they launch some products with sakura theme. This is their cleansing balm that smells sweetly like sakura.

The texture is a balm, so it's slippery, rather thick and slightly pinkish. There's a spatula given so we can easily scoop the product out. It was quite big, perhaps a tub can last for more than a month when used daily.

Just apply it on a dry dirty skin filled with waterproof makeup.


I use around 1-2 scoops and it's enough for the entire face, gently using clean and dry hands (plus fingers), I massages the skin all over. The eyes, lips, sides of the noses, everything, even lashes and other areas in between.

The texture of the balm might be thick, but they kinda melt on the skin, it's like the more I massage the skin or perhaps the warmth created by the friction or hands. They melts and take the makeup with them.


It's like the skin suddenly surrender and gave all the makeup up. During the massage, my skin feels comfortable, rather like being pampered and enjoying the pretty cherry blossom scents.


I add a bit of lukewarm water, or just about any room temperature water I can find, and create some kind of emulsion, gently emulsify the once rather sticky product into this liquid even more slippery collaboration. 

After loosening the particles by adding a bit more water while keep on massaging, I made sure the makeup are off, and the product does work well, it removes all the makeup, even the waterproof one. Just be patient in getting those lashes with waterproof formula, wait until all the coats of mascara falls off before adding water. In fact, make sure all the makeup (including hard to be removed matte liquid lippies) are taken off from the skin before adding any water.


After convinced that the emulsifying loosen everything, I rinsed everything off with clean water and revealed a clean skin underneath. The feeling is really clean and I didn't use any other cleanser afterwards. They don't leave any residue on the skin, no greasiness, oily, nor any uncomfortable sensation, just clean skin ready for skincare.


Do I recommend the product? Yes! In terms of friendly price, effectiveness and the lovely scent of sakura. But regarding the brightening effect? Maybe it does have, but not really significant for me. It just made me clean, really clean.

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  1. Miniso has a cleansing balm? Woah, will definitely try it... if I can find it here ��