Friday, May 11, 2018

Gucci Bloom Eau De Parfum

Hello lovelies,

it's been a while I've reviewed a fragrance. Let's face it, nowadays perfume is no longer own by brands, but locals too, and to those organic nature thingy with pure essential oils company. I love perfume, I think it's always a must having one or two (or in my case, all iconic brand) of your favorite scent on each seasons and occasion.

Perfume is something that seals us in, and it's like our outer wear.

What makes a perfume special is the ingredients, brilliant concoction, and quality of each scent. A genius perfumer will make a perfume that have a perfect synergy and flow between each notes, so when the perfume is used on a long term, it creates a balance and harmony with one's natural scent. So yes, one perfume can smell a bit (to a lot) different from another.

For me personally, floral to fruity notes is always a favorite, like it's aromatically airy and easy to be used. Woody is a bit difficult and I never like oriental, so that's why, Gucci Bloom is like a natural thing for me and like a simple choice to be made.


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Debuting the first fragrance developed wholly under Alessandro Michele’s creative vision: a scent designed to celebrate the authenticity, vitality and diversity of women—flourishing in a natural, expressive and individual way. Blended by master perfumer Alberto Morillas under the direction of the House’s Creative Director, Gucci Bloom is created to unfold like its name, capturing the rich scent of a thriving garden filled with an abundance of flowers. Tuberose and jasmine combine with Rangoon Creeper—a unique flower discovered in South India that is being used for the first time in perfumery to create a rich fragrance that transports the wearer to an imaginary garden. The scent is presented in a lacquered bottle, reminiscent of porcelain, in a vintage powder pink shade with a Gucci label appliqué. #InBloom
  • Natural tuberose harvested from India
  • Jasmine bud extract, obtained through an exclusive method of co-extraction to impart a fresh green and petal scent on the skin
  • Rangoon Creeper, embodying the fragrance’s concept and name, the slightly powdery floral scent is captured as the flower blooms from white and gradually darkens to pink, then red

I bought the one in 50 ml, and they have one in 100 ml and 150 ml too. Price wise it is always cheaper purchasing the 150 ml but since I haven't tried their tester, I think I want to play it safe and bought the 50 ml.

There's Tiffany on the market too, with others that celebrate Spring, but somehow, I lured into Gucci Bloom since oh just look at the advertisement.

It speaks for itself and I'm not the kind of person that loves print ad especially perfume since it can be misleading (well a lot of) and even the TVC too, like come on, people climbing up stairs, or exploitation of women, that doesn't describe anything, while this, oh THIS, it said it all.


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Dakota is clearly there, her expression, her outfit, the lady beside her and all the spring flowers surrounding them, and the perfume smell just like everything I've seen in their ad. It's exactly as it is. And I love every bits of it.

There's a slight warmth, jasmine is really noticeable and loving it to the max, and the hint of powdery scent which made the perfume not so sweet but beautiful. It's so gorgeous and understandable, it's completely a scent that I can understand and it doesn't have that spiky weirdness that a lot of perfume have if they want to attract the young.

Overall, a great spring floral perfume that last a really long time (thanks to the EDP formula and concoction), flowery but not girly, come on, like those girls on the ad look girly, they look content, rich and smart.

It's the perfume that I think, a must have for just about everyone ehm ladies

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