Friday, May 11, 2018

Nivea Micellar Water

Hello lovelies,

recently micellar water is booming in Indonesia and most brands are launching their own, I know for sure it's pretty confusing and for me, I'm in between of trying them all or stick to a brand that I know has been working really well, like Bioderma H20 (either sensibio or hydrabio). Still, I got some and try other option since these brands seems to be very confident in launching theirs.


Price wise, for sure, Ovale, Nivea and Corine de Farme are cheaper from Bioderma, but each have their own pros and cons. In this post, I'll share a bit about all of them, but mostly for Nivea Make Up Clear Micellar Water.

Bioderma itself is undoubtedly a very good product, perfect for sensitive and/or dry skin, and safe to be used. Doesn't contain known harmful chemicals but hey, the price is a bit high.

Next in line is Corine de Farme, it is for sure cheaper but not as cheap as Nivea and Ovale. Known as Purity Micellar Water.
Purity Micellar Water dengan fungsi 3in1, menjadikan kulit bersih, terlihat sehat, halus, dan terlembabkan!
Purity Micellar Water ini terdiri dari misel, sebuah partikel kecil tensioactives yang menangkap kotoran pada permukaan epidermis.
Misel ini dengan efektif menghapus make up dan membersihkan area wajah, mata, dan bibir.
Dengan formula lembut dan ekstrak bunga peoni yang dikenal karena sifat toningnya, Purity Micellar Water ini membuat kulit segar dan memberikan perlindungan pada kulit kering dan sensitif yang cenderung rentan.
Hasil yang lembut alami.
Membuat kulit lembut, segar dan lembab, tanpa terasa gatal atau kencang.
Dibuat dan dikemas di Perancis
Dengan kemasan daur ulang yang ramah lingkungan.

It's not as gentle as Bioderma, and the scent, I don't really like it, for me it's too fragrant. I wish they toned it down a bit. I like their huge container with the pump, pump made my life easier as I'm using micellar water to clean my skin daily, but again, it's not really suitable for sensitive skin, doesn't clean waterproof makeup and ehm, for daily debris? Not 100% clean, more like 95%, like when I'm take another pad with Bioderma H20, I can see something on the cotton even thou with Corine de Farme solution seems clean.

And Ovale, hmm, it's more like it's equal to the price, the ingredients made me doubt and there's no details on their official website too. The products works so so, kinda similar to Corine de Farme and Nivea too, let me show you the photos below.


Above is waterproof makeups from eyeshadow, lippies to creams and other things that known as makeup.

Let's read the details provided by Nivea first (similar to others like Ovale too):

Formula inovatif dan berbahan dasar air, NIVEA Micellar Water dapat membersihkan make up di wajah tanpa meninggalkan rasa minyak. Membersihkan secara menyeluruh, melembapkan, dan menyegarkan kulit dengan formula pembersih yang efektif dan ringan, tanpa meninggalkan residu / sisa make up. Kulit wajah tetap terawat dan sehat walau menggunakan make up seharian. Tampil cantik setiap hari dan berikan perawatan terbaik untuk kulit wajahmu dari NIVEA Make Up Clear range. Make up by you, Cleansed by NIVEA!
  • Efektif membersihkan make up pada bagian wajah dan leher
  • Tidak mengandung pewarna, parfum, alkohol, paraben, dan silikon
  • Mampu membersihkan make up di seluruh wajah, bersih tanpa residu
  • Cocok digunakan sehari-hari bagi pecinta make-up
  • Terbukti aman untuk kulit wajah dan teruji secara dermatologi

One thing that made Nivea stand out is they clearly write that there's no colorant, perfume, alcohol, paraben nor silicone, so they are pretty skin-friendly, but the thing is, as seen on the image below, they don't clean waterproof makeup. Or some other water resistant makeup too.


I know that it is micellar water, but the tag line is makeup clear, so it is supposed to clean makeup, somehow on me, some concealer also not easy to be cleaned by these micellar waters presented on this post. The theory is they cleaned everything that doesn't belong to the skin. Some may need soaking, like a really long time, but I find some other micellar waters that works even better than they did, so why waste money and efforts in trying cleanser that doesn't really clean?!

You might use it as a double cleanser or triple, but as for me, I'll find something else that works like a charm and kind to my skin.


Until then, see you on my next post where I continue a quests to find great cleanser or micellar water our skin long for.

Thank you for reading my post.

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