Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Faith In Face Truly Waterly Cleansing Water

Hello lovelies,

while traveling in Bangkok, I happen to purchase another micellar water, and yes, I could not go back to the time where I didn't use micellar water, it's like my life would never be the same again. They cleanse everything left behind by other cleanser, and foaming facial wash was actually the worst of its kind. Cleansing oil is great, but let's face it, some leave an oily residue that we, in Indonesia, can't even bear with the humidity and heat. So adding oils is like slippery glow we never opt too.

So micellar water basically, are used with a good cotton pad (don't get those hard and bleached ones) takes away everything that doesn't belong to our skin, either daily debris, to makeup, or leftover cleanser that stuck on our skin.


Faith in Face is rather a new brand from Korea that also getting attention lately for the breakthrough products and this cleanser is one of them.

Multi-function, hypoallergenic, gentle yet effective cleansing water that leaves your skin clean, fresh & moisturized!

Looks promising right?! It even claims to do wonders to your skin, baby mild, and even more moisturizing than water, it's crazy yet after trying it, it is believable. Like I even convert to make this one my number one micellar water cleanser that beats those with high prices.

Btw, I got mine in Watson Bangkok with a sale where I get one more for just 2 baht. That's an irresistible deal heehee.


Apart from the deal and wonders on the skin where it's moisturize better than water, plus baby mild, but you'll witness that even thou' it is super mild on my sensitive and dry skin, it is super strong in beating many brands in terms of removing super waterproof makeup.


With a single wipe of a moist cotton pad (with the cleansing water) the super duper really hard to remove (without oil) matte lip liquid and waterproof eyeshadow, are gone. Like without any force whatsoever and the skin felt afterwards was undoubtedly soft and smooth. I love it.


The non scented, no fuss and no frill formula works like a charm and doesn't create problems on my skin. It removes hard core makeup like they were never there. I enjoy using it as much as the after effect. Perfect for anytime and skin the skin is clean thoroughly, skincare routine can easily penetrate and does it's magic.

Definitely recommended.

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