Wednesday, May 2, 2018

WangSkin Lip Tattoo

Hello lovelies,

finally, after a long hard weeks of hubby going to the hospital and getting a pretty rare infection, we can finally breath easier, the fight is not over yet, but we're getting lights here, thank God! And for now, I can go back doing the thing I love the most, reviewing beauty products as much as enjoying using them.

This is a goody I received from Charis, btw did you know that I recently become one of Charis since they offer many wonderful products from Korea and I can get discounts for my readers, simply look into where I'll share with you my personal favorite.


WangSkin launch tattoos for lip and eyebrows, in this post, I'll review their Lip Tattoo in Red. There's orange and pink too in their series. It said that they contain Royal Jelly, Cherry, Apple, and Pomegranate extracts.

The color is so vivid and the scent is unbelievably fruity. Like it was so juicy and berry-licious.


The formula feels a bit sticky, kinda like a peel off mask where it was like a runny gel at first and then dries up. We can easily pulled the dried gel and during waiting time, do be careful since it will stain whatever it touches from clothes, to hand and just about everything. It doesn't last forever but on the clothes you kinda have to wash it a few times.


I even like the way it look on my lips before drying and peeling off heehee. It's so seductively sexy.

After around 5-10 minutes, pulling it off is super easy, just move your lips around and it'll easily took off without like pulling your skin to it's extend. So in terms of drying and peeling is a pleasure. However, since it helps the dead skin to be removed too, on parts where the dead skin took off, so does the stain, perhaps do lightly exfoliate your lips before using the Lip tattoo, to ensure a smooth surface and even application.


After I clean them from all the dried gel, there's some part where the tint are darker, I gently brush them using a soft brush and the result is as seen as below. This is the part where they last longer.

If I'm not careful, I look like someone who's not feeling well, or panas dalam in Bahasa Indonesia heehee, so the lips appear like someone whose overheated.



It's a fun product to be used, like a tint but with effort of putting it on, waiting for it to be dry and peeling it off. They do last longer in terms of longevity compared to most lip tint, so it's a win win situation for those who wants a lips that look reddish longer. I wont say the whole day since after I eat some oily food, they'll start to fade. But stands to swimming 'thou.

Thank you WangSkin and Charis for the opportunity trying your product and don't forget to check out my shop to enjoy special price around 40% off at

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