Wednesday, May 9, 2018

MakeOver Micellar Water

Hi lovelies,

this is a review for MakeOver Micellar Water, and yes, MakeOver also launch their own micellar water, like we need more option heehee. But, don't get me wrong, their actually really good and able to take away makeup too, so most micellar water are created as a double or the last cleanser, hence it picks up the stuff on the pores, not really for waterproof makeup, but MakeOver develop one as an all in one cleanser.


Skipping cleansing oil, foaming facial wash, just use it on a dirty skin, dirty as in full makeup with thickest foundation, concealer, hard core waterproof lippies, mascara, eyeliner and anything you consider taking it to eternity.

Simply prepare the micellar water solution by damping a cotton pad with it and gently wipe the skin.


You can see on the image below, some waterproof makeup can easily be taken away with a single swipe. Only the waterproof mascara, given the condition, sometime waterproof mascara also gets stuck on our lashes since it's not easy to go through lashes one by one. We need to use an eyelash brush dipped in a cleanser to really clean them, or use a cotton pad soaked with micellar water like this and let it stay for a while on the lashes while keeping our eyes closed. A minute should do and the makeup particles are breaking, and the cotton pad can take the reside and cleans everything.


I do need to wipe my skin several times by changing the moist (with micellar water) cotton pad on the skin until the area becomes really clean and there's nothing can be captured by the cotton pad. So yes, using it on a face also the same, keep repeating the process until the moist cotton pad becomes clean, which means the skin has no more makeup.


Here's some details from
One step cleansing solution with triple action formula, to cleanse all makeup, hydrate, and refresh, leaving your skin feeling revitalized and soothed.


Benefit :
- Non-alcohol formula never stings, does not dry and irritate your skin
- Non-comedogenic, pH balanced, soap-free, colorant-free, and dermatologically tested
- Lightweight, so it is easy to apply, refreshing and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily
- Keep your skin hydrated, enhance your skin's natural moisture, and reduce chance of breakout
- Added bonus : You can also use it to clean your brush.


You can use it to clean your brush by wiping the brush on a moist facial tissue.

The product is sold for Rp. 85000 each, so it is still in the budget friendly area and the clear bottle simply offers as it is. Transparency that works as a cleanser. So far the product can be used for my sensitive and dry skin without causing irritation.

Thank you MakeOver for this lovely cleanser that does the job without fail and with no fuss.


  1. wih bersihinya bagus banget ya :D

  2. That's quite affordable price for an amazing product! :D