Saturday, May 19, 2018

Mo's Code Loose Powder

Hello lovelies,

how are you? I hope everyone is well.

Oh! I'm so excited sharing this baby to you, it's a surprise finding a really good product in a quest where I'm not particularly looking. I was in Bangkok, going inside a mall in Siam area, going inside Arcova, a Korean shop with many goodies from beauties, electronics to cuties like dolls and handy stuffs for daily lifestyle.

I've been traveling quite a lot in this past few years, so I've been collecting beauty products from many places around the world, it's been fun and I've been through a lot too. As long as I can rest on a good hotel at night trying and reviewing my beauty products, I'm happy.

Cari hotel? Hemat hingga 40% di sini!

Mo's Code makeup happens to be there too, they have an almost full range from base makeup to colors.


I choose one thing that I really need during that time, a green loose powder that is perfect for redness and it can make my pinkish skin appear fairer and more flawless. And as mentioned above, surprisingly the formula is so light and airy. The texture is super fine and the reason why I'm loving it is because, it is almost like a dust, so pleasantly soft. Like a baby powder.


The product comes in three colors, one for normal everyday condition where you just want to even out the skin tone and act like a finishing powder that simply sets. The green one neutralize redness, and pink add rosy tone for a pale looking skin, it made the skin appear lovelies, like it was so fresh.


One more think that I think it was the best loose powder that, it absorb oils. And it leaves the hydrating water alone, so the skin doesn't feel squeaky dry and tight. This is the best part where the skin remain powdery soft without any discomfort. You do understand that we need moisture, but not the greasy oily feeling, well, this loose powder does that, it took away oil but not the comfortable hydration.


The part where my skin is usually oily is the nose and cheeks area, it was somewhat look like they are sensitive. I did use a skincare that helps with the redness and they are working well, still, during heat, they are blushing easily.

One more surprise, the loose powder can be used on hair lines too, those with bangs will truly appreciate the feature as it keeping them looking fresh.


I love it, finding the loose powder has become my highlight when visiting Arcova now, it helps me in so many way, not just dealing with redness but keeping the skin looking fresh and alive. It has tiny particles that last, making me look like I just put on my makeup. I'm using it after finishing the base and before color and a bit as setting too.


It's wonderful isn't it taking time to travel and find treasure from other countries.

Thanks for reading the post, see you again soon!

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