Thursday, July 19, 2018

Lash in Bloom Multi Lash Extention by Browhaus

 Hi lovelies,

yesterday I went to Browhaus again, and this time it's in Plaza Senayan. The place is tugged beneath Metro Dept Store, just one level below the ground, so do take escalator down and you can find Browhaus right at the end of the corner.

You'll notice the significant feature of Browhaus instantly.


One of Browhaus famous service for the lashes is called Lash in Bloom, there's several type from single to multi, the recent one is called Multi Lash Extension which is the one I'm trying right now.

Lash In Bloom is a lash extension service by BROWHAUS that gives you beautiful lashes that frame your eyes to make them appear larger and darker. It is a quick and effective way to emphasise your eyes, giving you a groomed and polished appearance.

Aside from the lashes, brows are their specialty, from shaping, filing, coloring to even brow resurrecting.


A semi private room is prepared for each guess, unlike waxing that need total privacy, brows and lashes can simply work in a semi open area. Most of the service are done base on appointment, so do book before coming to their branch. They have one in Senayan City, Lippo Mall Puri, Grand Indonesia, and many more, do look for details in

Soon, my session begin. Start by cleaning the area, oh there are some tips before coming to the appointment:

Arrive with clean, bare eyelashes without any make-up, including mascara. Eyelashes should not be permed or curled. If you have an eye infection or have recently undergone eye surgery or lasik, we recommend a minimum rest period of 2 months after your procedure before proceeding with Lash In Bloom.


Lash in Bloom lashes are carefully adhered close to your lash line using a gentle yet durable adhesive. We take the utmost care to ensure that there is minimum contact with the skin. Our top quality adhesive does not cause stinging to the eyes and nose. It has been specially formulated for BROWHAUS by our dedicated R&D team, who works tirelessly to ensure that our products and techniques are the best in the industry.

We customise your lashes before the application of each lash tab. Depending on your needs and eye shape, our therapists will advise on the most suitable lash type for you. You can choose from having a Bold & Dramatic look, Defined look or Lush look with either Natural, Cat Eyes or Doll style. The lash extensions come in a variety of thickness, length and curl (not applicable to Cluster Lash In Bloom).

With proper care and proper, professional treatment, you can enjoy lash extensions without fear of weakening your natural strands, so it’s important that you visit a reputable salon. At BROWHAUS, we use top quality lashes and a gentle adhesive coupled with highly skilled lash therapists, who undergo intensive training for 4 to 8 weeks at the highly reputable BROWHAUS Training School in Singapore.

Lashes do fall out as part of its natural growth cycle. If you tug, rub or attempt to remove your lash extensions yourself, you can run the risk of breaking the ends of your natural lashes. Always have your lash extensions removed by BROWHAUS therapists.


On average, Lash In Bloom can last between 3 and 6 weeks depending on the growth rate of your natural eyelashes. The duration differs with every individual. We advise reapplying a new set of eyelash extensions after 4 to 6 weeks. We also advise that you let their lashes rest for a couple of weeks in between the removal and application of a new set of lashes.

After care.
You do not have to apply eye make-up but if you wish to, only apply water-based mascara for easy removal. Do avoid using oil-based make-up removers directly on the lashes as oil may dissolve or weaken the adhesive bond. Use lint-free cotton/cotton pads to remove make-up from around your eye area. Do not use cotton balls or swabs directly on your lashes as the fibers may get entangled with your lash extensions

The process is pretty much comfortable and quick, prepare yourself for a nap. Eat around 1-2 hours before, go to the toilet and empty your bladder or any other restroom business, drink properly, wear comfortable shoes and clothes, then, just sleep heehee. Waking up to a new set of gorgeous lashes.


I know since that's what I do, it was enjoyable. And it is better to just sleep then keep on waiting on full alert, aside from that the therapist could have done a better job is you stay till, she can concentrate and work faster. 2 hours is the time that was stated in the website, but varies from people to people, still Browhaus have a good standard in timing and try to be precise.

I don't really have long and bushy lashes, so the length suggested was number 11 and I choose the C curl, so it was still natural. You can always prefer a more natural look or dramatic. The curl can goes all the way to D and the length to 13.


No redness, no irritation, no discomfort, I love my eyes, they appear more alive now heehee. And of course, there's no trip to Browhaus without getting my eyebrow fixed, it's like the best place for my brows. This time I choose the threading, it was faster and gets all those tiny new born and soft hair lifted up.

For a cry baby like me whose tears went down the minute a tweezers plucked a hair, threading is the best option. It was super fast, like perhaps 5-7 minutes and I have my eyebrows ready for the day.


Just look at the difference it made. The eyebrows and eyelashes are definitely the key to an uplifting look. My eyes appear more alive, expressive, and definitely prettier heehee. I can understand why so many people pays a lot of attention to their eyes and eyebrow since it made a lot of differences in one's look.

We are still us, just appear better. Like enhancing oneself. I even feel more confident with my trimmed brows and blooming lashes. Thank you so much Browhaus Jakarta.


It is recommended not to let the freshly made lashes meet the water for the first 24 hours. Always gently brush the lashes using a lash brush to maintain the shape. Keep them clean by avoid using heavy eye makeup and never tug, rub, nor pull them. Hygiene is always best to be kept for the overall health, keep your hands clean before touching the area.

One tips from me, do use water based cleanser for the eyes, like micellar water. Use damped cotton bud (after lightly dipped) in micellar water, to clean sensitive areas.

The glue is pretty strong, I will keep everyone updated on my instagram account @Carnellin whether the lashes last for 3-4 weeks or not or maybe more.


See you there!!!

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