Monday, July 30, 2018

Multi Balm Mystar Forest Series Asparagus

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continuing my previous post about treasure I found in Hokkaido, this is Mystar Forest Series Multi Balm in Asparagus.

The product is sold around 1300 Yen, comes in a green top and white details written. Thank God there's some English details on top heehee. As mentioned on my previous post Japan love their Multi Balm nowadays since it is so practical and easier to be used. Lips, elbows or any parts of the skin that was dry can have benefits using the balm as it was simple and easy ti be used. A small one like like can fit into a purse and be used anytime the skin feels dry.


A moisturizing ingredient asparagus extract formulation that can be used by everyone in a casual part.

Extracted extract from asparagus raised by Takamachi Stem Aspara Producing Association "Takayaku Kitazu" It is a solid wax-like multi-cream compounded in the moisturizing ingredients. It is hard to melt and has a moderate hardness, so it's easy to use without stickiness, giving moisture and supple to the parts you care about, such as hands, lips, and faces. Base sunflower seed oil and beeswax keep your skin moist and asparagus extract prepares your texture.
The fragrance of mint that fragrantly smell uses rare spearmint essential oil from Okhotsk.

No preservative, no synthetic dye used Alcohol (ethanol) not used · Synthetic surfactant not used

Please use it by applying an appropriate amount to the part where drying is concerned.

Asparagus extract

Sunflower seed oil


Spearmint oil

It is an extract extracted from Asparagus, harvested in Takamachi, Hokkaido. Give moisture to the skin, and prepare your texture. It is oil obtained from sunflower seeds. It has high emolliency, soft effect, excellent moisturizing effect and protects the skin from drying. It is a refined wax obtained from the bee's nest. It gives a soft touch and increases the melting point, so you can expect a moisturizing effect. It is a type of mint feels cool refreshing and faint sweetness. We are mixing essential oil from the rare Hokkaido Okhotsk.

All components

Sunflower seed oil · Beeswax · Asparagus extract · stearyl glycyrrhetinate · water · spearmint oil · copper chlorophyll · BG · tocopherol


The mint is fresh and mild, so you don't have to worry about overwhelming minty like it was a medicated balm, so this Multi Balm is still about beauty.

The balm is firm, they can still melt on high temperature but so far in my room they stay as balm. On the lips the feeling in wonderful and like on the elbows too, the feeling is not sticky and comfortable. For those with very sensitive skin during winter, like on the cheeks where they can become so dry and easily irritated, apply the balm generously as it act like a shield to a damaged skin. It create a barrier which I find especially useful for the back of my hands.

I love to wash my hand every now and then and keep them clean anytime. This multi balm is rather water resistant too, so after washing my hand, I apply the balm on my hands and it kept my hands feeling clean.

On hard core areas like heels, I find it best using it right before sleeping. The healing properties is lovely while keeping the skin moist by preventing the moist goes out.

For those who use makeup might want to use it before applying any makeup and the key to apply it lightly is to let the balm be warmed on the palm of your hands.

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