Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Make Over Riche Glow Face Highlighter

Hello lovelies,

one of Indonesian brand that has been getting a lot of attention lately for their makeup items that not just budget friendly but effectively function-able, it's Make Over.

I might be a bit late in terms of getting the hype but this one is definitely deserve a spot on my makeup collection as it was soooooo good.

One thing for sure, highlight is a trend right now, like a glass skin makeup or well, any makeup nowadays need highlight. If we're not careful, you'll get that greasy sweating looking skin instead of effortless glow, either we need the right tone, formula, or consistency. For me, Riche Glow got it right with that irresistible pearly glow.


I got mine from SOCO box, there's three item inside the box:
Makeover riche glow highlighter (New product)
Makeover ultra hi matte lipstick
Makeover eyeliner pencil nude sleek

So these babies are given free for me, and you can get it too by joining SBN by sending an email to community@sociolla.com. Sign up at www.SOCO.id too okay and be part of the excitements of loving beauty products.


Now, after using all those makeup, I'm using Riche Glow as my last thing as it accentuate everything that deserve the spotlight. Like the bridge of my nose, my chin, upper cheek and may they look gorgeous throughout the day. 


I think the packaging has said it all, it have the exact same tone as it is and look at the two finger swatch down here, the highlight can be as bold as I want it too or as seen on my images in this post (all the look are using Riche Glow) some are natural stroke (like 1-2 brushes away) while some are using firmer brush for a stronger feeling.

It's up to you and product itself is pretty self explanatory, the fine particles and build-able formula is also benefits of using Riche Glow. And for sure, it can be used on the body too, imagine a perfectly blossomed decollete.


And for those who love enjoying themselves being the spotlight as in literally, the highlighter reflects the flow in a manner that made the skin looks like a movie star.


A universal color highlighter with Supercharged Reflective Pigments that imparts an intense rich glow that blends seamlessly on your face, suits every skin tone. Glowing rich finish that intensely highlights your face.

Make Over Riche Glow Face Highlighter merupakan highlighter dengan warna universal yang dilengkapi formula Supercharged Reflective Pigment untuk menangkap cahaya dan merefleksikan fitur terbaik wajah dalam sekali usapan. Hasil kilau yang intense mampu membaur dengan sempurna pada wajah di berbagai warna kulit. Riche Glow Face Highlighter ini memiliki tekstur yang sangat halus dan mudah di aplikasikan sesuai kebutuhan makeup natural hingga party makeup.

Kreasikan makeup-mu dengan Make Over Riche Glow Face Highlighter dan dapatkan hasil kilau yang intense!

Price Rp150k.

Don't forget to use a discount code SBNLA7Z0 for every Rp.250k you'll get Rp.50k off.


So far I have no problem using the product with any brush I have at home, they wont block in one side or another, making the powder very user friendly even for first timer, it's a fool proof makeup.


Thank you so much Make Over and Sociolla for these babies. I'm enjoying using the eye liner, lipstick that comes in a bright delicious red color and of course, Riche Glow that deserve every attention there is.


See you on my next post!!!

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