Tuesday, July 31, 2018

NUVE Skincare

Hello lovelies,

these are NUVE Skincare that I happen to receive from Derma Ministry. They consist of foaming facial wash that dr. Verna using herself with serum that she loves as it promotes hydration and day with night creams in separate container.

All dressed in fancy white and black details.


I've tried to find some details online, apparently they are live on instagram at Nuve Skincare and website at www.nuveskincare.com.

Let's start with their Glowing Serum

Nuve 3 in 1 Glowing Serum, serum dengan kandungan Snail Extract yang POPULER dan AMPUH dalam merangsang pembentukan KOLAGEN dalam kulit dermis sehingga kulit tampak lebih CERAH, MEMUDARKAN noda-noda sekaligus MENGHAMBAT tanda-tanda PENUAAN

Rp. 250.000


The texture is like a beautiful runny gel that either thin nor thick, it's so comfortable and pleasant. There's definitely a scent, subtle thou', not too obvious.

Then, it's the Glowing Day Cream.

Nuve Day Cream, cream pagi dengan SPF 30 untuk MELINDUNGI kulit dari efek buruk sinar UV seperti kemerahan karna paparan sinar matahari dan noda-noda gelap.

Rp. 160.000

Which one is it? It's the one in powdery white formula, where the Glowing Night Cream is slightly more translucent.


Nuve Night Cream, cream malam dengan kandungan Arbutin yang secara alami mencerahkan sekaligus menekan produksi melanin sehingga kulit akan TAMPAK GLOWING dan CERAH sekaligus MEMUDARKAN noda-noda gelap pada wajah

Also sold at Rp.160.000

The Day Cream have an SPF hence I figure a slightly white cast. So do notice that before using.

The good news is also the SPF which give a proper protection during day time, and it is in sync with their 'glowing' theme, a brighter skin does need protection from the sun by preventing darkness.


The Night Cream helps to push down the melanin since sometime they do overreact and causing dark spots. By using the cream that have a gel texture, the skin feels moisturized and comfortable on night, especially when using the serum right before, it boosted up the hydration.


I do have some doubts since the ingredients still have parabens and silicone too, but dr. Verna Gunawan assured me by providing data and reasonable explanation on how silicone and parabens in low dose (of course) only acts as a preservative and used in a safe dose. I understand it is up to one's opinion on the subject. So if you look into ingredients list all over the world, so far only European countries that prohibited parabens in their cosmetics products (including skincare).


Remember, the ones that listed on the farther down there is the least amount inside a product, so I think she is telling the truth that the parabens are far down there, only to protects the natural ingredients from going bad, like mold, bacteria, and germs.

Now, let's continue with their cleansing foam. The white creamy gel like texture that easily bubbles up and gives the skin that perfectly made foam. Whenever I'm using a foam net with it, they'll bubbles abundantly and can create that no drop foam that was dense enough, tiny enough, and can goes into the pores. The clean feeling it made is also comfortable, not dry squeaky clean that we want to avoid.

The doctor told me that she have dry skin as well, but this cleansing foam is something she can use, again, trusting her was the reason I want to try the cleansing foam. The cleansing foam is from dr. Verna Gunawan. So it's not available at Nuve Skincare ya.


One thing I want to add about their serum is that I can use it as a skincare routine (after cleansing and toner, right before moisturizer) and as a makeup booster. Add a drop with a foundation and they'll add this consistency which made the skin appear healthier and more natural.

The finish is a dewy and happy skin.


Use the trio as a complete skincare routine from Nuve Skincare on daily basis to see results. As the product comes in small packaging, I think they last around 2 weeks when used every day.

I'm also using the serum to help my stretchmarks, it helps soothing the skin and generate healing as well.


Thank you so much dr. Verna Gunawan for your recommendation and these babies are almost exactly as you said, the cleanser also gentle on my sensitive skin and the serum works like a charm.

Don't forget that you can get the foaming facial wash and all Nuve Skincare at Derma Ministry in Ancol area, Jakarta.

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