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Brun Brun Paris

Hello lovelies,

few months ago, I started looking at a store inside a mall, it is said to be Brun Brun Paris, this shop sells a lot of tit bids that made any girls lurking. But they sells tons of products not just for girls, anyone, any gendel and almost any needs from accessories to beauty products.

Collaborating with Sociolla, this is my first SOCO box consist of beauty products from Brun Brun Paris.


Two Phase Make Up Remover, Daily Cleanser, Daily Moisturizer, Peel Off Mask Moisturizing, Peel Off Mask Reviving, and a Lip Cheek Eye Color.

I happen to bring the box during my tip in Bangka and tried some of them when traveling there. I've shared about them on my instagram account too at @carnellin.


Let's start with the Make Up Remover that cost only Rp 29.900.

Membantu mengangkat riasan wajah bahkan riasan waterproof. Diformulasikan dengan ekstrak Chamomile dan Jojoba Oil, membantu membersihkan, melembabkan, dan menyegarkan wajah Anda

The texture is very oily, so it removes makeup very easily, from the waterproof eye makeup or that hard to deal liquid lipstick that wont easily comes off. Everything can be removed in a single swipe using cotton pad damped by the make up remover.

After cleaning it, do double wash using a foaming facial wash to remove the leftovers, including the oils.


Like this Daily Cleanser, it foams up easily and cleans every residue. It cost around Rp. 15.900 and perfect for traveling.

The texture is creamy and wont easily spill.

Diformulasikan dengan bahan-bahan alami, membersihkan wajah denga lembut dan menyeluruh. Formulanya mengandung perpaduan moisturizing agent alami membantu menjaga kelembaban kulit serta kandungan Vitamin E yang membantu membuat kulit tetap sehat. Keluarkan ke telapak tangan, busakan dan usapkan ke wajah dan leher dengan gerakan memijat ringan. Bilas hingga bersih. 


Continuing the review, next is their Daily Moisturizer that so fragrant, I think they want a bit overboard with the scent, I wish they tone it down a little. I don't think the moisturizer suitable for very sensitive skin.

The white creamy formula can be a bit sticky and need a really long time to absorb, even, after some time, they still won't absorb, leaving the skin feels kinda greasy. I'm using it for my heels and elbows.


Then, for weekly treatment, these are they peel off masks. Rp. 19.900 a piece.

Peel Off Mask dengan ekstrak Avocado dan Mulberry membantu menjaga kulit tetap bersih dan segar. Dengan kombinasi formula yang membantu mencerahkan sekaligus menutrisi kulit Anda.  Gunakan secara merata pada wajah Anda dan tunggu hingga mengering. Kemudian lepaskan dan  bilas dengan air hangat.
Peel off mask  Black Mud berasal dari bahan alam, mengandung mineral dan anti oksidan yang membantu meremajakan kulit dengan mengangkat sel-sel kulit mati dan membantu mengencangkan kulit wajah, menjadikan kulit tampak bersih dan muda berseri. Gunakan secara merata pada wajah Anda dan tunggu hingga mengering. Kemudian lepaskan dan  bilas dengan air hangat.


The strawberry is pink and the mud one is black. I don't feel any significant differences in terms of feeling and after effects of using them. The pink have berry scent and the mud have no scent, I guess that's the differences between the color. And hmm, again, not for sensitive skin, since when I'm using it on my hand after getting a bit of a sun dose, it does sting a bit.

The drying time is around 30 minutes and when I peel them, they are pretty gentle, so they don't pull out the gunks in the pores as well. Maybe we should leave that to the nose pack.


When you apply too thin it wont be easy to pull it all at once, so do apply just enough layer so the process of peeling is satisfying :D even the kids love to peel this stuff.

But again, in terms of function and benefit, I don't really find obvious ones.


Next is perhaps my favorite product among all of them. Their lip cream that can be used for the cheek and eyes (as in eyeshadow ya), have the best texture and feeling ever. The formula is so light, the coverage is very good, and the color is SO there. Selling price Rp. 39.900 (so cheap right?!)

Produk three-in-one yang wajib kamu miliki! Dapat digunakan sebagai pemulas bibir, pipi dan mata. Formulanya diperkaya dengan bahan-bahan yang menghasilkan aplikasi yang lembut di bibir dan hasil akhir yang intens dan matte.


Turns out they have many shades from pink to purple and red too. This is Expose. They also have lipsticks and other finish too aside from this matte ones.

I love the color, I think it loo great on me and the feeling of using the cream is light and wonderful, I do recommend trying the lip eye and cheek color.


Thank you so much Sociolla for the SOCO Box, you can also get yours by joining the community at

See you there!

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