Thursday, July 19, 2018

Derma Ministry Experience

Hello lovelies,

yesterday I went to Derma Ministry. Located in Ancol, Pasir Putih 9 no 9, which  is easily accessible from the Ancol highway exit. Or you can ask @Derma.Ministry on Instagram for bookings, details and appointments since the clinic is pretty much happenings and there's always patients there.

Many questions come into my mind before I went there, like what kind of treatment should I have? Is there needles involved? Would I choose slimming or rejuvenation, something that care for my skin or making changes? I was a bit overwhelmed. Still, after reading reviews and asking around plus understanding that Dr. Verna Gunawan is someone I can talk to via whatsapp, I see how open she is and friendly, it eases me.


During the day of the appointment seems like there's two other patients beside me, so I just wait there. The waiting area is comfortable with black sofas, drinks like water and coffee, with some snacks and candies provided. The room appear clean and comfortable.

Getting here simply search for "Klinik Gunawan" in Google Map and easily located as it is, it was pretty precise. I have no problem locating the clinic and the place itself is pretty spacious.


Inside are information on what kind of treatments available here, and it was pretty complete from face to body. The doctor have products that is famous in Indonesia and she also add more from Korea and other part of the world. Derma Ministry also develop their own products (skincare), detox juice and slimming capsules.

Nowadays, Botox V-Shape, Nose Filler, or treatments that made the skin glow and heals from scars are very famous, Derma Ministry have those and eyebrow embroidery too. One of the treatment I see is Salmon DNA that heals, brighten and gives the skin a second chance within 2 treatments the results are significant.


Then, it's my turn to meet the doctor, oh she is so slim and pretty. Her hands are so delicate and she checked on me thoroughly. I want slimmer face for sure, but don't really understand the procedure, so she suggest Meso Double Chin, Jaw Botox, and Chin Filler. Those treatments help shaping my facial feature so I look more define instead of plain round (as in chubby).

I said I do have low tolerance against pain and she said not to worry, apparently, she use special needle and method to reduce pain by far. I also asked about whether there's down time and side effects, she said so far it was pretty minimal, most of the patients experience none and even there's a minor feeling after the chin filler, she will give her patients an over the counter painkiller.


After making sure all my concerns are answered we when to the treatment area which is sterilized, so we have to leave our shoes behind. My heart was beating so fast heehee, I can't hide my either excitement or being so nervous. Many things run through my mind and most of them is the needles.

The spacious room is somewhat soothing, the decoration and huge window in front help my mind to think about something else. While I was getting ready, the doctor start by cleansing and sanitizing the skin.


My treatment starts with Chin Filler, after applying anesthetic cream, the doctor gently insert the filler, hmm, as seen below, my face is all tense, yet, I don't feel the pain, it was like an ant bite me and that's it. No pain that leaves me saying beauty is pain or whatever, it was very tolerable, she is genuine in saying she order a special needle so the pain could be minimal. It was so minimum that I kinda in disbelief, I was in my period too and usually far more sensitive, yet yesterday, the whole chin filler (1 point), jaw botox (4 points) and meso double chin (10 points), where each points means 1 insertion of the needles, I feel fine all 15 of them.

She have several methods from special needles, cooling, to creams and they worked!


(Chin Filler)

Process to process went on smoothly, when she shaped the chin, the result is obvious within minutes where other areas from botox and meso double chin could take around 3-5 days for the final results. She also advises me to do detoxing and slimming by taking their detox juice and slimming pills (will share with you the review soon ya).

The detox juice is a 3 days program while the slimming pills should be taken 3 times a day to boost metabolism and energy. Aside from the slimming program, the doctor also handed me their skincare, from cleanser, serum, day and night creams. I will also share about them on my blog after trying.


Shaping the chin filler.

After the chin filler is jaw botox on both side of the jaw to help with the slimming effect or known also as v shape. Korean people are all about V shape, they even have that 'perfect' ratio on how a face should be.


(Meso Double Chin)

And here it is, the images that show the before after of chin filler. Rest assure, I'll post the final before after 6 days from now to see the jaw botox and meso double chin final results. I'm also excited too to share it with everyone.

Let's go back to the pictures below, the doctor was right, by adding a 'chin' on me (heehee), it add feature to my face, so my face appear longer instead of 'just round'. Hence, give the impression of a slimmer look.


Above is the images in natural makeup and my usual makeup below. The chin does look so much better, right?! It pulls the attention for a heart shaped face map which I love. I hope I can maintain the condition by eating better diet too.

I will push myself for the detoxing and slimming program as the doctor also said, it will help my feature too, my face will be more defined as well if I'm slimmer. It's not for beauty only, but health too, too much fat as in obesity is never a good thing, I have to take care myself better and the motivation given by doctor Verna Gunawan is what I need.


Thank you so much dr. Verna Gunawan and Derma Ministry for the opportunity. The treatments are all fast, painless, and effectively shows results that made me look far better without making looking unnatural. The procedures was explained clearly before the process and during. She also carefully explains the do's and dont's (for the slimming and detoxing), sharing tips to information on other treatments which her patients could benefit from. She is honest and sincere in telling which procedure works for you and which ones is unnecessary, so you can feel at ease while consulting without being felt pushed to go through treatments you don't want too.

She understand the patients need and what is best for them. I feel like this is me, the filler and botox was done without making me feel like I'm someone else, it was all good and like I'm me, just better. Don't worry about getting extreme, odd or side effects, ask the doctor anything. Just come and book an appointment for consultation, she will help you. Whatever your skin problem from aging, brightening, or shapping, call or whatsapp to 0813 16000 886. And psst!!! Get 10% discount if you mentioned my name, it's "Carnellin" ya ^__^

See you soon on my next post!

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