Saturday, July 28, 2018

Detox and Slimming with Derma Ministry

Hello lovelies,

during my recent trip to Derma Ministry, the dr. Verna performs some aesthetic procedure on me so I can see immediate results on my face, but she also advises me to slim down by detoxing first. She said that the procedures helps by injection but a proper way to loose some weight still important for a more conclusive result.

Like the double chin and ehm... overall fat heehee, it needs to be well taken care of. The health from within or general health surely will make some effects on my beauty too. My jaws and chin would looks so much better when I'm slimming down, it's not about being skinny or petite, but being energetic, lighter and of course, healthier.


Above are three bottles of Detox Juice and a slimming pills in a bottle. First, I have to detox myself with those three juices for three days, so 1 bottle per day. 1 bottle can be divided into 3-4 times a day by mixing it with plain water with 2/3  water to 1/3 of the juice.

So every 30 ml of the juice, add 60 ml of water.

What's inside the juice? Derma Ministry said that it was fruits that helps burning the fat, lemon, cinnamon and thamarin. So it was quite sour for me, and acidic too on the mouth.

In the slimming pills there's: Vit B1 (tiamin, help turns carb into energy for the body and brain, especially nerve system), B2 (riboflavin, a very important nutrition that helps the body to produce red blood cells, releasing energy from protein), B6 (increasing body metabolism to increase burning process), and B3 (helps to break down protein and fat).

The pills are better to be taken 30 minutes before meal and three times a day.


On the scales that shows my weight here are the result of the detoxing juice.

On the first day my weight is 58.5 kg, so every day for 4 days I kept taking picture of my weight in the morning at a relatively same hour.

I was sooo hungry on day one, it was tough, so Derma Ministry said that we can still eat a little bit of food, mainly fruit they are apple (preferably the green one), papaya, and boiled egg. Veggie like steamed broccoli also allowed. So I munch on those food with steamed purple sweet potatoes too in between when I feel like super hungry.

I guess I love eating.


On the next day, the weight slightly go to the left, looking like 57.5 kg so I was a bit amuse and excited too, I know that if I want to see real result I need to reduce my intake, so boiled eggs only with some fruits for day too alongside with the detox juice.

It was easier said than done, especially when I'm at home, I feel better when I'm in an event or mall where I can put my mind on somewhere else. Since the juice need to be kept cold, I know that I have to keep going back and forth to my home, or using a cold thermos. Having some ice cube also helps so they stay cold when I'm outside my home. The doctor said that the juice contains no preservatives hence I think it is better to keep them cold.


On the second day of detoxing I noticed that my weight is keep reducing to 57 kg, an affirmation of my effort. I noticed that I don't feel lethargic nor less energy, it's just the hunger. Like I'm used to my kids eating habit (like every 3-4 hours) so it kinda hard preparing their meals without having to eat as well.

I have to keep my mind busy but in the same time, I have a household that need me to cook and/or prepare food, that's a real challenge for me, and I rarely go to sleep with an empty stomach, ah that's one of the hardest thing for me as well. so I usually have some boiled eggs 2 hours before bed.


On day three of detoxing, my weight went down to 54.5 kg, it's quite significant right?! From 58.5 kg to 54.5 kg that's 4 kg in three days. I know that's a lot of hungry times but the doctor said it helps reducing the stomach (gastric especially) and I guess it does, it shows on my picture during the event. My waist line is the one that noticeable. I'm happy that the first thing that shows was my belly.


It was around 83-84 cm at first and now it reducing to 76-77 cm, that's a really good thing right?! I read that pot belly is the number one sign of obesity (yikes!). I need to loose more I guess and this time is the slimming pills turn since the detox juice is like a jump start of a good diet habit.

Eating less carb, less fat, less red meat and try to focusing on overall health by eating more fruits and veggies.


That's me on my recent event, I noticed the curves on the waist area is looking much better than before. I hope I can keep up in loosing some weight and thanks to the slimming pills that promote energy from metabolism and everything that has been stuck on me (fat ehm) I'm looking for a lighter and better future ahead.

Thank you so much Derma Ministry for the detox and slimming program.

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