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Maxi Peel Micro Exfoliant Fluid

Hello lovelies,

Months ago there's an event introducing a new product from Philippines. It was from a brand that made it to the highlight there and best sellers as well, a product that said to help diminishing acne, smoothing and lightening the skin.


The event is held in Senopaty area on a Saturday, you can check out through their instagram account @MaxiPeel_ID

Why did I took so long to make this post? Simply because I want to thoroughly review it by using the product for the past month. Perhaps some of you know that I don't really have problems with my skin, but, there are few acne that like to emerge during that time of the month, or enlarge pores, or a bit of lines. By using the product continually (and images to be shared here too) you can see the before after changes.


Here are some of the highlights during the event:

Maxi-Peel Micro-Exfoliant Fluids kini hadir di Indonesia
sebagai produk eksfolian revolusioner yang aman digunakan setiap hari

Charmaine E. Sales, Brand Manager Personal Care Maxi-Peel,
menjelaskan bahwa Maxi-Peel Micro-Exfoliant Fluid mengandung Skin Renewal
Micro-Exfoliant dan Skin Vitamins yang dapat membantu proses eksfoliasi
tanpa kemerahan pada kulit

  dr. Melyawati Hermawan, SpKK mengungkapkan bahwa perawatan
eksfoliasi adalah salah satu perawatan pada kulit wajah yang dapat membantu
perempuan Indonesia mendapatkan kulit yang lebih cantik, lebih cerah, dan
tampak awet muda

Setelah sukses di Filipina, Maxi-Peel Micro-Exfoliant Fluids
telah hadir di Indonesia untuk membantu perempuan Indonesia mendapatkan
kulit wajah lebih cantik, lebih cerah, dan tampak awet muda


Listening to them, I was assured that using Maxi Peel is a wise choice, it helps the skin to regenerate better, especially in my age, or for those who suffers from dull skin at any age. Dead skin cells can blocked anytime and to anyone, hence Maxi Peel is handy for any age (above 20 perhaps, and any gender).


In the Philippine itself, the product we see now is called Maxi-Peel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid.

Maxi-Peel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid penetrates, cleanses and exfoliates every layer of your skin, helping eliminate pimples, blackheads and blemishes with ZERO redness and ZERO peeling. It is made up of Skin Renewal Micro-Exfoliants and Skin Vitamins that helps you reveal radiantly clear, smooth and fair skin from inside out. Maxi-Peel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid can be your everyday companion for that beautifully-renewed skin you’ve always wanted!

So, it is a product made for daily, so it is not as harsh as any exfoliant we know on the market.


How to use it? Easy! On a cleaned skin, dab a cotton pad with it and gently wiped the skin all over using that damped cotton pad, no need massaging nor pressure, just let the product works it's magic by itself, and from the first time usage, I only let it swipe my face in one circular motion without repeating numerous times, like 1-2 times on an area is enough.

And since I do have very sensitive cheek, normally I wipe this area once every 3 days while areas like forehead, nose and chin could be once every 1-2 days. So we can easily adjust to our skin need, either daily, to once a week. You can also skip it when you're skin is having problem like sunburn or anything else. It was really flexible and adjustable.


After wiping the skin with the damp cotton, use any toner that you normally use, serum, skincare too. Since Maxi Peel Micro Exfoliant Fluid preferably used for night time, I can feel comfortable getting my skin thoroughly cleansed by it and the pores have no barrier, so the product also made skincare absorbed better by the skin.

Do read the ingredients on your skincare, from toner, serum, to moisturizer so they don't contain exfoliating agents too. If you are in doubt, you can simply skip skincare and use a hydrating moisturizer after that.


The best part about the Maxi Peel Micro Exfoliant Fluid is that I can use it on other areas like heels, elbows to other hardening parts of our body, they'll make the skin softer and after that, using lotion is easier, the skin appear brighter, more delicate and not rough anymore.

By continue using the exfoliant on the skin that was so dry and damaged, and continue with proper moisturizing product afterwards, the healing process is faster and significantly shown. I know that it was made for facial skin, but the body skin also can have benefit in using it. Results on my heels and elbows can be seen from around 2 weeks of daily usage.


The product made a huge differences even thou' it was tiny heehee, I even carry it during my trip to Japan. Since I'm outdoor most of the time, I never forget to use the sunscreen every morning and use special gear like hat or umbrella whenever needed, so the sun exposure is reduced.

The exfoliant fluid helps skin regeneration, hence new skin is exposed, always use sunblocks and protects the skin from too much UV ray.

A lot of people only use sunglasses to protect their eyes but our skin need the protection too. Don't forget to avoid the sun on hours from 10 am to 3 pm whenever possible, but if can't, like when you're having outdoor sport or work, do use sun protection. Some clothing brand now also made special material that keep the skin safe from UV, to avoid misconception, sun ray is good in the morning, but not too much during the day, it leads to skin aging to even cancer.


Stylish hat is handy for me heehee, in Japan there are so many hats I can choose and they do understand the concept of protecting the facial skin from the sun hence a wider and bigger coverage on the front part. Still, don't forget to use a sunblock lotion for a more comprehensive shield.

Why do I keep emphasizing on protecting the skin? Since the skin is rejuvenate by Maxi Peel Micro Exfoliant Fluid, the new skin is still young, hence they are softer and healthier. Hence we want to keep it that way, like a fresh new day, a new promise, of a better lifestyle too. We are getting new chance by Maxi Peel Micro Exfoliant, that's why a correct way in caring for the skin is needed.

Including, no more touching or worse pinching the pimple to pop it, they'll make acne scars, let all wound heal naturally, use skincare diligently that promote hydrating and moisturizing the skin in a correct way, use products that cares even to the most sensitive skin. Clean makeup everyday, especially always clean them before sleep.


Proper sleep, balance diet, healthy lifestyle, are all needed in maintaining beautiful skin, all are possible with a new start with Maxi Peel Micro Fluid.

Some may ask, "Do I really need an exfoliant?", here's a few illustration, like a our scalp that was cleaned on routine basic by shampoo, some buildups can still happen. From silicone or other hair care or styling that need 'detoxing', that's why we know about detox shampoo or a deep clean one that we can use once a month or a week, depends on once need.

Same goes with an exfoliant, some may need it more often than the others, some people might have good regenerating period while others are not so lucky, hence we know why some people have dull skin.

Products like beads scrub can have microcirculation but they don't really exfoliate the skin like Maxi Peel Micro Exfoliant Fluid that goes to the cells. Those beads no matter how big or small, is simply more to the 'massage'.


Okay, now the highlight that you all wants to see, the before after of using Maxi Peel Micro Exfoliant Fluid for roughly a month with usage from every day for the first 3 days, to twice a week and once a week to whenever needed like 1-2 times a week. See, always pay attention to the skin and use it when needed, from everyday to whenever possible. Look for signs like when the skin is not really at it's best and skip to the part that ready for exfoliant. The key is getting to know your skin as well.

The feeling of using the product should be comfortable, if some parts stings, do try to use it less or avoid that part for a few days, maybe that part is much more sensitive than the others.

Back to my before after images, look below and see the noticeable differences.


Remember that I've been traveling to Japan and spend most of my days outdoor under the sun for 10 days, it was summer. The skin should be darker but it's not, it's brighter.

The pores looks far less, the dark spots are reduced (ask any dermatologist, dark spots are tough to handle), acne marks minimized by far and heal faster too, my skin overally look even out, healthier.

On the before image I took it after a shower and using proper skincare, while the after is just after waking up in the morning heehee, haven't even washed up nor touch any skincare but the skin still looks fresher and far better than the before. They after skin appear firmer too, I love looking at my after skin condition so much.

Using less makeup is very much possible.


A bottle last around a month on me and it is so cheap, a bottle of 60 ml is only around Rp. 20.000.

Thank you so much Maxi Peel Exfoliant Fluid and you for reading my post, see you again soon.

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