Monday, July 30, 2018

Hokkaido Okhotsk Mystar Hand & Body Cream

Hello lovelies,

these babies are my treasure during my recent trip to Hokkaido. Lately, Japan has been booming with all natural skincare products from face wash, serums, lotions to multi balm and nature infused and based on ingredients.

Famous local benefits like honey, seasonal vegetation, to fruits and flowers, many highly acclaimed crops has been used, and in this post, it would be about honey, sunflower oil, and asparagus. I'll separate the post into three, each for one product that deserve a post on its own.


I bump into these babies on a mall right next to New Chitose Airport and we were about to board that day. It's kinda a last minute shopping spree thinking that I should get some for inside the plane. It would be around 12 hours journey including transit time in Hong Kong and my skin can be pretty dry. The kids can use it too since it doesn't have known harmful chemicals. Ooh, I can go on and on about beauty products from Japan nowadays how they grow improving the local produce to home industry, it is their brilliant mind that never seize to amazed me.

They have testers on the store and when I tried them I knew I have to buy them. These are the babies, irresistible babies.

Each of them have different texture and benefits that are so beautiful while making the skin beautiful too.


Let's start with a Hand & Body Cream with honey as one of the main ingredients.

The packaging, details given on the store, are all about honey and the benefits of honey in this product. It care, nourish, and protect the skin while healing them as well. The sweet smell of honey is irresistible, I love how calming it is and made me feel comfortable. And the texture is surreal, it was one of the reason why I feel like I have to made this post, since I think it is one of my best finding. I love traveling since it made me allows meetings with these beauty products, a product that was unique, effective and healthily beautiful.

The aroma is not just honey but a bit of citrus too, so it's a refreshing addition while the texture is melting on the skin, covering, creating thin films that made my dry skin so happy and healthy. I love it, it changes my view of a hand and body cream where it becomes light, breathable, but very much moisturizing and the effect is immediate and last on the skin, it soothe and gives my skin an instant lift. That tiny cracks when the skin is super dry, are covered in a matter of seconds and looks perfectly moist once again and no residue whatsoever on the skin. Like it was drunk all at once, the formula must be so good to be so acceptable by skin.


As it is with a smooth feeling of use, a new formulation of moisturizing ingredient betaine Firmly protects hands and body that are prone to roughness with moisture's veil.

Pure larch tree from Higashi-cho, Hokkaido (Uenoju) Honey mixed with moisturizing ingredients, It is a moisturizing cream for hand and body. A smooth cream sticks to your skin without getting sticky, Care for hands and bodies that tend to be rough. Of course, please use it in the part where the clinging is anxious, such as elbows, knees, heels, etc. Citrus essential oil of orange grapefruit smells slightly with mixed honey.

Beet derived moisturizing ingredients Betaine New formulation. Sticky, smoothly grasp hands and body

Take an appropriate amount on a clean hand,
Please familiarize yourself with the part you care about drying the body and fingertips and use.

[New formulation] Betaine

It is a derivative of natural amino acid derived from beet (sugar beet) from Hokkaido. It gives moisture and flexibility to the skin, and it is moist. Vitamin B group Derivatives of pantothenic acid, also called pro vitamin B5, will prepare the texture of the skin.

Pure larch tree honey



I am using pure larch tree honey, which was honey collected in Higashi - cho, Hokkaido. It has high sugar content, it has excellent moisturizing and water retention ability, keeps the skin soft. It is a natural origin oil purified squalene extracted from the deep-sea shark's liver. It is hard to oxidize, has high stability, keeps the skin soft and has excellent emollient effect. It has exactly the same structure as the main component ceramid of intercellular lipid that keeps the moisture in the stratum corneum, is excellent in horny water retention capacity, and has high moisturizing effect.

Water · Honey · triethylhexanoin · pentylene glycol · dimethicone · DPG · phenyl trimethicone · squalane · cetanol · jojoba seed fat · hyaluronic acid Na · ceramide EOP · ceramide NP · ceramide AP · panthenol · betain · allantoin · phytosphingosine · Sodium hydroxide · glycyrrhizic acid 2K · (hydroxyethyl acrylate / acryloyldimethyltaurine Na) copolymer · orange peel oil · grapefruit peel oil · xanthan gum · cholesterol · arachyl alcohol · behenyl alcohol · arachyl glucoside · lauroyl lactylate Na · caramel · Carbomer · tocopherol · phenoxyethanol

I'm using it for my hands and body too. Too bad I only bought a smaller version since I'm worry about travel limitation on liquid, but I'll be sure to get some more whenever possible.

Highly recommend this product for everyone. The scent may not last for hours but the protection does, I simply use it twice a day and enjoy the benefits of a nourish skin all day long.

They sell the hand and cream for around 1500 yen, which I think so worth the price. A lot of very expensive products in Indonesia market that comes with hefty price but in so much less benefit nor quality.

You may continue to read about the next product on my next post, see you there.

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