Monday, June 11, 2012

Anna Sui Eyebrow Color Compact

A gorgeous product is in the house. One of Anna Sui's newest collection of Spring 2012, it's Anna Sui Eyebrow Color Compact and mine is in 03.

Thank you so much Anna Sui Indonesia for the lovely product ^^

It was love at first sight, as bow to our hair knot, see the beautiful bow for our brows.

Details from

“Boost up your 3D effect of your astonishing eyes with well defined frame. Play up fun colors for your eye brows to match with whatever image you are striving for!”

A eye  brow compact comes with Dark & Gradation shades for defining the perfectly natural 3-dimensional eye brow. Dark color for defining while Gradation color provide naturally tinted color for brows.

03 is deep brown with lighter shade or brown and dark green. A sophistication and delicate colors that is easily blend or move alone. Either way I'm enjoying it. The texture is is lovely too, not exactly powder and like almost dried cream. It can be as intense or as light as you want too . . . hmm, I smell tea rose, is it just me?

Please view the video of me using it ^^

Next time I'll make something fun with more colors involved, but I'm sure satisfied with the 3D effect I got so far. I used to be a fan of pencil brow and only pencil brow will I use. . . not for long! Anna Sui Eyebrow Color Compact is smooth, delicate yet can be vivid at the same time. It blends easily (I know what I'm talking about, I've tried other products before that look almost the same but so poor in terms of quality and effectiveness compared to Anna Sui's).

Last but not least, expect
High quality brushes, packaging, mirror and every little touch she did it was perfect. Love it!

The color last the whole day, as long as I didn't wipe it, and clean-wise? A gentle makeup cleanser will simply do.


  1. i always love browsing Anna Sui products, they have the most cute packaging! ;)


  2. Hi Xiao Vee and Yuri,

    Yes! Anna Sui has the MOST cute packaging ^_^ It's just pure love from her to us