Monday, June 18, 2012

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Press Conference

Hello everyone!

Last week was a busy week for me, it can goes up to 6 events in a day. Thank you so much for all the trusts :)

Elizabeth Arden is one of the must attend event for me, unfortunately since it's a bit late, I can't enjoy the celebration until it's done.

The event should be from 3 PM (the time I'm arrived) but start at 4 PM. So while waiting, I have the time to takes pictures and look around. Elizabeth Arden Indonesia do put so much attention for this wonderful agenda. Medias, press, and everyone from Elizabeth Arden Indonesia and regional is presented.

These are why we all gathered that day. To welcome the full range of skincare where you can find the one that suits your need at the most. It will be available in July 2012 but the sneak preview is here and I know many fans of Elizabeth Arden out there will definitely enjoy the benefit of the redesign, renovated and reformulation of the skincare line by Elizabeth Arden.

Then the event started when the MC, handsomely dressed and so does all the men that day. Presentation from Elizabeth Indonesia and their principal (Singapore) went on smoothly. They thank us for our support and we also thank them for the kind invitation and involving us in this beautiful program.  It's all white isn't it?! And it made the red in red doors seems more vivid as a signature of Elizabeth Arden's famous Red Doors.

A woman shares her say on beauty

It's a compilation video from women representing us. They speak about inner beauty, peace and presenting oneself, Elizabeth Arden takes another step with her words:

"Beautiful opens the door to love, romance and depth of living."

Too bad I have to leave before the presentation is done but I get to see the women sharing their thoughts on beauty. I will deliberate and give review on the products I received later on and hopefully I'll see you all soon ^_^

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