Saturday, June 2, 2012

Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent

Hi all!

Touche Eclat is here and I'm going to share you my experience of using it ^__^

If you need more information regarding the product, I already write them at my previous post, in the Press release, celebration and event (click on the word you want).

Now, let me share my personal experience using mine, given by Yves Saint Laurent Indonesia (thank you so much). Upon using the product for the first time, I need to click it several time until the liquid is out. Take your time, don't over do it :) the liquid are precious.

I use it after using makeup, actually you can use it just about anytime you want, before and after make up. My favorite location is near the brows. It enhance my eyes in a way that none can. Smooth, enlighten and no trace, it's like pure natural (and now you know it's not, it's Touche Eclat).

Then in any part I want to be enhance, I use Touche Eclat. Beneath the brow, below, nose, etc. It really is anywhere you want. Don't forget to blend it well and you will notice the very smooth ultra find ingredients and since now they come in 8 different shades, you'll be sure to find the shade you want. I also advice you to try different shades as it can give you choices and find different tone to create many looks. From shading to enhancing the possibility is endless.

This is my final look using Touche Eclat. I've done no shading at all so everything here is pure colors from makeup and the rest is Touche Eclat. The glow is just irresistible. No wonder a very famous celebrity in Indonesia used Touche Eclat for her entire face, and inspired by her, YSL will launch a new product, just you wait!

But before that, let's enjoy Touche Eclat ^__^ I know I do.

Watch my video of using Touche Eclat here:

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