Friday, June 29, 2012

MUFE Lab Shine S8 - Ruby Red

Hi \^0^/

I'm back with Make Up For Ever and their famous Chrome shine Lip Gloss that provides so  much gloss and shine, you'll blink out of it. First, let's see the products.

Details from

Lab Shine

Sparkling - Pearly - Chrome Shine Lip Gloss

LAB SHINE Lip Gloss offers a spectacular and intense shiny effect.
Especially designed to achieve an ultra-bright effect, its silky brush ensures an optimal and dazzling coverage.

LAB SHINE is available in 3 collections, in a wide range of 35 creative colors and effects:
- The Diamond Collection offers a sheer coverage, natural effect and a sparkling shine.
- The Star Collection offers a medium coverage with a pearly shine.
- The Metal Collection offers a high coverage with a chrome shine.

And mine is S8- Ruby Red

The ultra smooth feeling is just addictive and love the scent of fruiticilicous muach muach ^0^

The shine last for hours and you can easily put it on again whenever you need to pump it up since they are small and slip to your bra for anytime you need a boost of confident. My tips: Try to mix and match with any colors for that different tone. Must try: their onyx, grey pearl and diamond!!


  1. ini yg hari itu dikasih pas gathering ya ce?
    aku blm cb pakai..
    hahahaha.. :D

  2. Iyah benerrr ^^ cobain deh, shining and smooth bangets

  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.