Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum (and EDT too!) Event

Last week a very fabulous event takes place. The world fabulous doesn't even covers it, let me start by spectacular in the most pretentious way possible . . . or at least that's how it made me feel.

Clue? It's Jimmy, Jimmy Choo, need I say more?!

 But today, we wont discussing fashion, it would be something enveloping the fashion, something so dear and touches our skin, it's Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum.

Oh yes, I dolled up, it is impossible not to do that attending this event. The name Jimmy Choo alone has bring the jitters in me, of something exciting will take place. I will share with you the official press release in the next post (yes, one is simply not enough).

And as seen, beauty bloggers are invited to celebrate this moment on a private session. Remember Annisa from my MUFE makeover? And Hanna sit on my left, her makeup is as always, beautiful.

Behind us, standing Mr. Alexis from Jimmy Choo.

Mr. Alexis brings us the presentation of Jimmy Choo in his French accent which was found irresistible.

"Jimmy Choo is an iconic luxury lifestyle brand defined by an empowered sense of glamour and a confident sense of style." For me it defines a women (or anyone) in their certain stages in life where everything has become possible and she is not afraid to show it.

Then we moved on to the perfumes. From the bottle which is made with the inspiration of Murano Glass from Venice. I've witness the dedication of them when I'm in Italy and Murano Glass is a symbol of a well-kept tradition where beauty and luxury combined. The cube cap represent modernity, contemporary, and now.

After observing the bottle, we moved on to what's inside it, the part where vague reverie become aromatic.

Start with EDT shall we? A scent that you have to try it to believe it, it is fresh, perfect for day use and let's just say the ladies are having fun today!

The EDP have one word "Sensual" in the most sumptuous way possible.

These are the notes that brings the scent comes to reality, something you can grasp on in the air.

Eau de Toilette quote
“The Jimmy Choo EDT is a concentrate of pure seduction : an irresistible mix of glamour and impertinence.
This is the Jimmy Choo woman imprint, mischievous and provocative.
A beauty both demonic and sparkling!” Olivier Polge.

Eau de Parfum quote
“When you say Jimmy Choo, you immediately picture a glamorous woman.
She is chic and sexy, exuberant and refined, intriguing and captivating.
In her trail, her fragrance must say it all!” Olivier Polge.

Now, it's sniffing time! My favorite part. I always wants to be a perfumer, a Nose, but I need a chemical degree in that, so 'till then, beauty blogger it is.

This is the bottle in my hand, it look so demure and tame, I haven't unfold what's inside it.

Let's try it on! I know I can't hardly wait either, but a great product need a great introduction and pictures that comes in preview.

The packaging, the one that catches your eyes at first before everything else and it comes in leather printed of python. Why? Beside being the signature Jimmy Choo, the packaging, bottle and cap says CONTRAST in every way.

How do I look holding Jimmy Choo fragrance?

EDP                     EDT

See the difference? The black background for Jimmy Choo brand is for EDP and the silver background for the words Jimmy Choo on the right is EDT.  Careful there, make sure you make up your mind, I have my selection, but if I could, I want them both. One to be with me during the day and one to encapsulate my vision of a warm fragrant night.
The EDP is sharp at first bite, but then later start softening into this allure of sophisticated seductive floral scent where later settling in the world of comfort in the most opulent way possible. I love it so much. It takes me to places where the realm become palatial. It speaks confident, glamorous confidence.

The EDT is fresher in a sense of the sparks of day time. Where the world is vibrant and freedom to do be irresistible. I must say I like it too, it's like choosing from my 2 most favorite flowers, where both have their quality, indeed I need to have them both. One when the sun shines and one when the moon is beaming. Each women have these two sides that sometime can't be divided. This is me in Jimmy Choo fragrance. Both sweet in a prudential set of sense. Just right at the moment.

EDT         EDP

Slightly lighter in shade and one slightly darker in shade.

Have you seen the mini sizes? They are super cute!

I want it so bad!

The happy family of grandee fragrant.

Oh wait, one wants to join, the lotion which smells heavenly as well.

Let me try the texture.

The lotion is delicate in texture but disseminate the lineament of the fragrance by Jimmy Choo. Something that will complement the EDT or EDP, yes, can be used with either of the fragrance.

So, which is yours? You decide.

 Au revoir! From me and Mr.Alexis.See you on my next post about the press release ^__^

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  1. Like the bottle designing and the packaging of this perfume. Can't wait to see them in my hands.