Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rouge Artist Beauty Blogger Gathering (Make Up For Ever Academy)

Last week I was invited to Make Up For Ever for an event in their academy. Inside is makeup galore, any one who loves beauty products can get their hands off the products there. It was a lot, abundant and the colors are too much to handle. Shades and choices are literally everywhere. But we're here for the rouge.

What is Rouge, rouge is something that related to red, could be when your face become red/flushed or it means lipstick.

Hmm, the food, it gives us energy to play around here even longer ^^

This year is really meant to be colorful, no more conventional look, more brands are bold enough to gives us shocking, daring and bold colors. MUFE is always about taking it to the professional level, some products is specially for the pro alright, like their pigment dusts.

One particular product that I really like is Aqua Liner. It's so easy to use, bold color and stays ON with the power over water, rain, or shine ^^

The mission today for us is to form groups and do makeup on each other, I'm with Annisa from she's an adorable girl who pays so much attention on details . . . really detailed person XD

And we come up with ideas that I'll do the Orange theme while she'll have the Purple. The picture above is me using the Lip Liner.

Before                                  After

This is the before after of me and Nisa, what do you thing of our look?

Both of us tries the Aqua Liner, HD Blush, Kohl Pencil, and some powder for the complexion too (of course all in different shades and colors), we both have so much fun and we did spend until the last minute of our time to keep adding colors and glitters too on our lips according to the shades we're in, oh yes, MUFE got so much in everything, even their glitters are abundantly.

And I tried the Sens'Eyes, a waterproof makeup remover for the eyes, that manage to clears up all the stuff there that's waterproof, smudge proof and stays on.

Before                               After

This is me taking pictures again of my own before and after, it's like the new me ^^ btw have I mentioned that Nisa have a steady hands, she helps me with the liner, and it really obvious how she plays a lot with make up.

Then it's time for us to go home, MUFE have something special for all of us and if you wants to see who else invited, you can simply look at it at my facebook page and there you go, camera's from the other bloggers ^^

Thank you so much MUFE Indonesia!

See you all soon on my next post about the gift handed to me by MUFE Indonesia, it is something that you've been asking for (I read the posts many of you made on MUFE's FB page).


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