Thursday, June 7, 2012

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip & Cheek Balm

Hello everyone!

First of all thank you Givenchy Indonesia for the wonderful product. I've been wanting to try this thing for quite a while and you grant my wish \^0^/ super happy! And I was right, I do like it. Very much!

At first I try it on the back of my hand and the pink color doesn't really come out, but . . . let's see how it does on my lip and cheek.

Details by


- Moisturizing formula
- Provides a pink flush to lips and cheeks
- Reacts with skin to create a customized tone
The balm's innovative formula contains pigments that react with skin's humidity to create a customized color. Lips and cheeks are left feeling replenished with a healthy and natural glow.

This is the product and the color is so obvious, although' many customer says they didn't notice and like the balmy effect on the cheek, so they use it as a lip balm only. Me? I use it for my lips first to see the effect and color.

This is me using it on the lips. I love it. The balm hydrates my lips and the feeling is comfortable, but the balm on the lips stays for like 2 hours max, so when the balmy glow is gone, you have this pink stained lips.

Then after 2 hours, I use it on both lip and cheek, which for the lips means reapplying. Watch this video please ^__^

You can see the visible effect on my skin. Perhaps if you have darker skin it won't be so obvious and it depends on your skin condition plus temperature as well. Different people can get different result. Some with oily skin will also dislike the balmy effect.

On the lips the balmy feeling stays on for 1-2 hours while on the cheek is about 40 min - 1 hour. Then there's a cute pink stain left on the lips and cheek that stay for around 1-2 hours after that. So you need to reapply for the glow and pink flush. The more you added the pink-er you get.

You can also use it as a balm after lipstick. It add the depth of the color as well.

For cleansing, use your regular daily facial foam and they will still be there, use cleansing oil or makeup remover or cleansing milk before foaming facial foam and they should be gone. This kind of product also tested your ability to thoroughly clean your skin ^__--.

Overall, this is a simple, easy, and handy balm. Plus for me during traveling or any touch up, it perk my look in a jiffy with added moisture!

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