Monday, June 25, 2012

My First Facial by Orlane

Hi all!

How are you? It's been so long since my last post (yes, 4 days is like a gazillion years XD) I've been really busy lately and I will be even more busy next week. I have tons of postponed posts and really sorry for the delays, I'll start with my first review courtesy of Her World Indonesia and Orlane.

The facial was done on the 16th of June in Central Park. Orlane have a small yet adequate room for a person having a relaxation facial in the middle of their hectic schedule.

I read frame by frame and let the therapist explain the products to me while at the same time doing a consultation to figure it out the correct treatment for my skin which is dry and a bit sensitive from time to time.

Apparently Orlane focus is on hydrating the skin. Seems like my kind of skincare ^^

From face care, body and specific needs.

These are all the products that used for me. The Cleansing Milk is a delight, it cleanse without striping the skin dry, so does the Cleansing Foam which is used right after Cleansing Milk. Then the mask is applied and my skin absorbed it like desert gulping on any fluid at the surface. Continued by a small massage for my arms which felt moisturizing as well. Next after cleaning the leftover from the mask, serum and moisturizer is applied. My skin become so relax and cool (literally). Anyone can enjoy a facial by Orlane after some purchases made and it's free ^__^

For the service I give 3,5 out of 5 star
why? When the suction cause redness on my skin (removing blackheads) the therapist 'blame' me. Which is funny since I never put her on that spot -.-.

For the products I give it 4,5 out of 5 star for being so good and comforting. My skin can be cranky and picky from time to time and Orlane calms it down ^^

Overall it is a very good experience and you can learn more on the products here: or just stop by at the counter.

See you!

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