Friday, June 22, 2012

Beauty with Heart

A few days ago I was invited by The Body Shop Indonesia to attend their event for a new cause. Look Good Feel Good Do Good. For the "Beauty with Heart".

I look at the store and have you noticed something different? Look at closely. Click on any image you wish to see.

The display plays arrays of wonderful signature products of The Body Shop, from the nature, the fruits of the earth, comes products for our skin, body, hair and home.

Here lies world's favorite pack, see yours there?!

And these are my favorite things at the store, I would love to see a beauty shop with lot's of greens and vegetation, I feel so alive!

Galore of package and gift packs, perfect for a gift to that special someone or for yourself.

But if the deal wasn't your taste, fret not, choose a mix and match one of a kind that is perfect for you or as a gift, The Body Shop provide free wrapping ^^

And by buying products at The Body Shop you have supported their cause for our planet, community and special causes too.

And you can always share your thoughts here ^^ from your most favorites products to suggestions,

so you can make a difference too from the local to global community.

While staying pretty the whole time ^^

Remember that every pretty and beautiful creation have a gorgeous skin inside. Always use that perfect skincare range for you, and in The Body Shop, you are urge to try some and free consultation along the way. Tea Tree Oil range is one of the range that have been in my family for decades. The Oil itself are good to be used for any antibacterial properties, from acne, bug bites to sanitizing. Yes, I use it for a whole lot more. I love the scent as well, tricky as it is as it's the scent of a tea tree, but it's my preference ^^

From the products that has been in The Body Shop for decades, new items are also presented. I'll share my review soon, they are somewhat like the previous oil which can be used for hair, face and body. Only this time it comes in many different varieties.

After taking a look around, oh look! It's Ms.Suzy, the CEO of The Body Shop Indonesia. She is dress in green and I hope that means her passion to the 'greener' earth.

Then I moved to the lounge where guests, members and media are having their time of being pampered. If you followed my twitter c13v3rgirl, you'll definitely read some of the tweets live by The Body Shop shared all over the lounge and one on the store.

It was a beautiful day in the garden of The Body Shop.

This is me with Hanna at the event, she look so pretty! I need to learn about makeup from her ^^

The show goes on and member of The Body Shop Indonesia, you are indeed pampered here, ask the wonderful staff on how to be a member here. It's very easy, I'm a member myself and they do gives us a rewarding experiences.

Check out their new comers as well and...

See you at the store!

Thank you The Body Shop Indonesia!

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