Friday, June 22, 2012

Rouge Unlimited by Shu Uemura and My Mini Makeover By Hendrix

Hi, couple days ago as I was walking in Plaza Senayan, I have a few minutes to kill and I decided to look around at the beauty department ^^ I like to keep myself updated and I know Shu Uemura have something new in the counter.

Seen it in the counter? You're definitely have! It's the new collection of Rouge Unlimited by Shu Uemura. Details from

rouge unlimited

shu uemura’s rouge unlimited range breaks all boundaries in color creation, formulated with revolutionary hybrid pigments for pure color pay-off. wide range of color, coverage, and textures allow unlimited lip creation.
new rouge unlimited
"a blast of true colors, supreme moisture, unlimited beauty"
lip color inspires unlimited beauty creations…
with incredible new technology,
all new rouge unlimited is available in an array of 50 inspiring colors with unprecedented pureness*. formulated for long lasting supreme moisture & comfort
rouge unlimited supreme shine
rich dewy shine, breathtaking colors for desired full lips.a fusion of breakthrough watery dewy shine.smooth rich glide with comfort and moisture feeling.
vinyl unlimited
vinyl-like expression lip gloss with unprecedented brilliance. shades range from vivid colors with an extreme lacquer-sheen finish, to transparent top-coat shades.

And here they are:

catena of the hues from black to pink frost, chocolate to daring red. For less price (- 10%) than the previous packaging, luscious lips has become more within reach.

And while I was there, I met Hendrix ^^ As usual as perfectionist as he is, seeing me a bit messy (from close up) he fixes the brows and eyes as well. Surprise, surprise, he also done my hair. Apparently he is so used to do photo shoots in magazine and manage to do the hair and makeup for the models as well. He did a makeover for me months ago, click HERE to find out more.

He really have a passion for beauty! In 30 minutes he manage to turn messy me, into a more polished look ^^ suitable for attending an event. My before look? I even too embarrassed to show you.

Here it is:

As seen, I did use make up, but in the hands of Hendrix, the exact same makeup can look so different ^^ I guess that's why he is the one accredited by Shu Uemura and I'm clearly not.

And these are the process, he tidied up the hair into braided with styled decoration inspired by his last trip to Taiwan. He made the eyes more defined with shaped brows and fixed some liners using all the products by Shu Uemura which is also known for being so advantageous and meticulous.
Not to forget the cheek are blushed over and the lips are decorated with the new Rouge Unlimited (more reviews will come).

Okay this is my final look, I have to go to another event and I will share with you more makeover of me with Hendrix, and I hope it will be as soon as possible and I'm thinking of a video as well, so you can see the transformation with all the motion and movement involved ^^

That's it for mow ^^ Don't forget to visit Hendrix, he is currently in Shu Uemura Plaza Senayan and get that look from an accredited makeup artist of Shu Uemura Indonesia.

Thank you Mr. Hendrix and Shu Uemura Indonesia.